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Hubby pissed me off again this morning

Saturday, April 06, 2013

Not sure how much of it is from this killer bout of PMS I'm having, but I think he deserves to be the one I beat with his own arm after I rip it off...

This morning, I put my jeans on again. Yep, they are starting to get saggy in the seat. I'm not just imagining it. So I showed him.

Instead of telling me my hard work is paying off, or even anything good, he looked at me like I was doing something wrong.

Seriously? I have no idea why. My pants are actually getting saggy. I could actually grab some loose fabric. My jeans don't fit me like that. On top of that, I'm needing to pull them up as the day goes on. They are not falling off my hips, but they are starting to sag.

He pissed me off. I really don't know how to deal with this crap out of him anymore. He gets upset with me for working out so much. He feels it's taking time away from him. Well, all we do is sit in front of the tv all evening. Not me. Not anymore. I go running. And then to bed early. I'm tired. That's the way it is. If he can't deal with it, then that's his problem.

Anyhow, I should end this blog. My PMS is bad enough today without letting this get out of hand. Time for me to ditch him on the couch anyway - go for a run.
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  • VCZK2TJ17
    i agree with Irishsunsets, maybe your DH feels that you are pulling away from him. can't you include him in this healthy lifestyle? can you ask him to go for walks with you instead of sitting in front of the TV so much? can you ask him to help you make meals that both of you will like? i am sure my DH would be making the same comments if i didn't include him in the choices i am making. i would ask him why he is being so hateful and if he wants to be included in the healthy living that you are a part of now. just sayin.......
    1836 days ago
    Congrats on the saggy pants! Sorry the hubby was so trying for you today. Hugs!
    1838 days ago
    Awe, hunny. Sometimes hubby can annoy me just by breathing. Other times I want to eat him

    Great job on the loss!!!!
    1838 days ago
  • RDEE22
    I must be one of the lucky ones. He tells me this is my time for me, whatever it takes.
    He has even started cutting back a bit as well, so we have a mutual admiration society.
    Hang in there and do it for you, look in the mirror and tell yourself how good you look. Don't just think it say it out loud. And run. PMS is a bit of a ###***** isn't it. Thank God I am finished with all that. emoticon
    1838 days ago
    Great job on your weight loss. That is the best feeling ever....loose pants. People, especially men, who see you every day, do not notice. And if the two of you are having problems, he will notice even less.

    He may also see your weight loss, your running, going to bed early as you pulling away from him. The only way you will know what he is feeling is if you ask him.

    However, I agree with an earlier comment - do you really care about him anymore? The negativity you project in your blogs is most likely spilled all over him all the time - frustration with your weight, your job, your husband. He may be feeling damned if he does and damned if he doesn't.
    1838 days ago
    Most men have a hard time expressing themselves and instead of saying how they really feel, they act badly, which is misunderstood by us, and then when we act on our assumption of the reason behind the actions, there is a fight, so my advice is, treat your husband well, in spite of his behavior and encourage him to talk about how this weight thing is affecting him. Sometimes they just see our extra exercising as a rival for our attention (even though we're not giving them direct attention, but just our presence, which often is all they desire), and feel negative towards it. Reassure him you are doing this for him and you, he will appreciate your time away from him that much more! Best wishes for a positive marriage!!!
    1838 days ago
    Seriously - go for a run! Truly good medicine
    1838 days ago
  • FIT4MEIN2013
    Do you love your husband? It seems like every day he is pissing you off somehow. Just curious because the unhappiness can negatively affect your day and your weight.
    1838 days ago
  • JUSTME29
    I hope your run clears your head and makes you feel better.

    It could be that he equates your exercise/weight loss with the mood swings that you sometimes experience. You've said before that every time you get serious about your nutrition and fitness there is a period where you are really touchy and hard to live with. It could be that he is just equating your attempts to get healthy with that touchiness and with the arguments that you've had in the past over what groceries to buy.

    Still not an excuse for giving you "the look" when you try to show him evidence of your success though.
    1838 days ago
    I went through this. What I did is sat and talked with him about why he was trying to sabatoge me. I used "I" statements like " when you do/say that I feel...." It really helped. Once I knew what was behind his fears we were able to work it out and he has been my best supporter--- and reaps the benefits of me feeling better about myself. Good luck!
    1838 days ago
    Often, spouses will get jealous when we lose weight. They are few & far between who don't. There is some real fear there for him, seeing you lose weight. The line I've heard the most (from experience and others) is he fears you will leave him for someone smaller. Might I suggest some counselling for both of you, and preferably to start when you're not riding the PMS wave?

    And Midol is usually something I'll take for the first 2-3 days, until the edge is gone. I haven't found another drug that works as well, for me anyway.
    1838 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    Some guys are insecure and are afraid that if/when you lose the weight, you will go looking elsewhere.. I know, doesn't make sense to women, but guys think like that.. if we change, they have to to keep up..
    Give him a kiss and hug on our way out the door and on the way in..
    1838 days ago
  • MARIANNE9855
    My husband never compliments me when I am losing weight- he only mentions it when I gain it back.
    This time I will fool him- he is heavy too and I think he is jealous. But I will have the last laugh when I don't give up this time.

    You will too! emoticon emoticon
    1838 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    1838 days ago
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