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How I gained weight . . . and how I'm taking it off!

Friday, April 05, 2013

"People do manage to lose weight and keep it off. I know some of them, and I've probably corresponded with hundreds. Their secret? They figured out how they gained weight, and did the opposite until they lost it."

LOVE this quote, which I found on VHALKYRIE'S blog. I think it is totally, 100% on the money! Here's how I gained weight:

Eating take out weekly
Eating out in restaurants almost every day
Drinking large quantities of alcohol regularly
Doing no physical activity beyond what little walking I did to get from point A to point B
Bingeing regularly
Alternating between "Feast" and "famine"
Trying harebrained diets
Eating as entertainment

And here's how I'm losing it!

Take-out is an extreme rarity
Eating out about 2% as often as I used to
Drinking small quantities of alcohol infrequently
Working out 5+ days a week AND walking constantly
Controlling the binge monster (and the emotions that awaken it)
Never starving and trying not to overeat
Educating myself on how to eat in the manner best for ME
Having actual hobbies OTHER than eating

Yep, that quote is right on the money! I really am figuring out what I USED to do and then doing the EXACT opposite. I highly recommend this approach! I'd only make one little change to the quote:

"They figured out how they gained weight, and did the opposite UNTIL THEY LOST IT."

If you only change until you lose, and then revert to your old ways, you'll be back where you started! So, I'm choosing to disregard those last four words. emoticon
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