Death, Food, Sports, and Home (Update of our life)

Friday, April 05, 2013

This may seem long.. but I have so much going on in my life..

I haven't been logging foods. I haven't had the willpower. Today I have blogged everything I have ate.. and what I intend to eat for supper. Luckily I am under what my range is.. so if I have a small snack, I will still be ok. Even better if I don't have a snack since yesterday I went a little out of control with foods. I just need to get back into the groove of things because once I do, I can usually start losing weight again.. I'm stuck around 180's. And I haven't been able to get as much exercise in. I really need to just kick it into gear or I'll never reach my goal!

Lately, I've been almost obsessive about foods. Every day I've eaten some Easter candy. Ugh. Those sugary treats get me.. and I can tell you, those foods is what made me fat to begin with (well that and eating out ALL the time!) I have always had a sweet tooth. I think I need to do a sort of sugar cleanse. Like make myself go 1 week without sugar. I have been told that when you do that, it helps the cravings go away. I tell you.. I am a sugar LOVER. That and pastas/breads/potatoes. Pretty much all high carbohydrate foods. I've learned to cut back on the pastas, breads, and potatoes.. but having issues with the sugary snacks. I do make sure I'm not eating huge portions.. but some days all the little portions add up into a big one.

Last Thursday, I got a call from my dad. He said my grandpa wasn't doing well and they didn't think he'd make it through the night.. and definitely not the weekend. Well, luckily he lasted through the night and I was able to get down there to see him on Friday. It was really rough to see him that way.. but I know I'd have regretted it if I hadn't went. It makes it easier knowing he will be pain free and be reunited with my grandma. He has been in a wheelchair for a very long time as he was paralyzed from the waist down and unable to say many words after he fell down concrete stairs. The funeral was Wednesday so I sort of consoled in food. (I know, I know.. I don't need reminded.. Haha.)
Picture with my dad after the funeral..

On the up side of things, we bought another trailer house yesterday. We are still paying on the one in Yankton, but we have a renter in it and have about a year and a half left to pay is all. This one is paid in full! Once the previous owner's sister is out (by the end of May), we will fix the things that need fixed up and that will be where we live. Still only 2 bedroom but the kids will be able to have their bunk bed back and there will be more room to play than this house. We are living in Jeremy's parents rental house which was originally just a one bedroom house. The back porch was converted into a room (very tiny one), so that is what we've been dealing with. I will be glad to be in our own place soon though! And I don't think you can beat $100 lot rent. $100 rent plus utilities versus around $400+ (We typically can't even find something for 400) for rent somewhere plus utilities? I think we have a winner! Haha.

We are also in sports overload at our house! It used to be Levi was just in Taekwondo. We have just purchased all the gear for Levi and Exandria to be in Junior Roller Derby (whjch is non-contact until age 7.. unless they aren't ready to move up at age 7.) It is mostly them learning to skate, fall, maneuver, etc. Yes, they teach them how to fall correctly. Levi is also going to be in Coaches Pitch (like t-ball but with the chance to hit it in the air first.) And Exandria will be in gymnastics once we are able to sign her up in May. Definitely a busy household.. which makes it hard for me to find time to blog or anything!
Exandria in her Derby gear.. Levi's skates had to be sent back to be exchanged for bigger ones.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    So sorry about your grandpa. I'm glad you have comforting thoughts of him rejoining your grandma.

    SO excited about the move! You and your family can finally have more space!! Make sure to make time in the schedule to get the renovations done and to move. It will take time and patience, so try to make your life a bit less stressful in anyway you can.

    Awesome that the kids are getting geared up for exercise, will you being using the time to move more too??
    1876 days ago
    my deepest sympathy on the loss of your grandfather
    1877 days ago
    I am sorry about your grandfather. However, I am glad to hear about the new home! I lived in a very very small house for many years and raised 2 boys there. It's funny, now that they are grown our house is way bigger. I think we went from 440 square feet to 1700 or so and it is just me and the hubby.
    I track all of my food, good or bad. I did miss one day though. I think it was Easter Sunday where just could not track it all correctly. It is easier to track if it is healthy. I mean really, how do you track green beans with 2 pounds of bacon, grease included? LOL Anyways, I track it all. I think it keeps me on track. That is just my opinion of course...
    Easter candy is hard for me too. I am lucky though, there are no little ones here so the hubby is the only one with a basket and he will hide things if I ask him to.
    Coach pitch is awesome! Both my boys played ball growing up.
    Enjoy your move and maybe you can exercise while your kids are at practice??? Keep focused and you can do it! Even if it is a little at a time! Just keep setting goals, one at a time!
    1878 days ago
    sorry to hear about your grandpa- cherish your memories and be glad he is free from the confines of his earthly body.
    wowzers- you do have a busy household- don't ever feel selfish for taking time for you too-even if it means hanging a "mommy is in time out" sign on the batrhroom door. I know you are eagerly anticipating moving in to your own space again- hope all goes well with the renos and move
    1878 days ago
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