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Friday, April 05, 2013

As part of my company's wellness benefits, we get a blood screening once a year. It shows all the good stuff...glucose, iron, hemoglobins, cholesterols...everything. We just had it done a few days ago and with the results available 24 hours later online, this has apparently sparked some to consider their health.

Several of the guys did a weigh-in and are having a 45 day challenge to see who drops the most percentage of weight. There are only two females and I wanted in on the competition...the other lady declined at first but we pressured her into it. Two of the guys have a side bet between them that whoever loses the least will have to eat a raw in like an apple. Gag...what goes through men's heads???? The rest of us, it's strictly for bragging rights.

All of our names are on a dry-erase board for everyone to see...along with our beginning weight! Motivation. 45 days. Normally, I would say I could beat those stinking boys BUT they all have a considerable amount to lose. I fall into the average/fit category already so I don't expect to beat them. But I like competition and this is a healthy one. They also have temptations around them with family & kids...I do not. I'm used to eating healthy and making good choices already...they are not.

I'll put my weight on this blog but will not change it on my tracker for a few reasons. For this competition, I weighed mid-morning, with my tennis shoes and regular clothes on, including a jacket. I've had breakfast, snacks and been drinking water all morning. At home, I weigh first thing in the morning before I've eaten or drank anything. So it was about 5 pounds more than what I expected at 168.5.

We won't be weighing in every week or at all officially until our 45 days are up. This will be fun. There's not a lot of camaraderie around here so I'm glad we're doing it.

I'll keep you informed! Thanks for reading and have an awesome weekend!

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