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Friday, April 05, 2013

“Enough” day: My BMR is currently about 1230. I set my “enough” days at 1200-1500 calories. 2 x per week. (I set them there, even when my BMR started out, in 2010, at 1600.)
Medium day: 1000-1100 calories (Never more than 2 or 3 days in a row, so my body doesn’t go in “starvation” mode.)
"Hungry" Day: 700-900 calories. (I used to do these once or twice a week, when I was losing weight. I haven't done one since 2011.)

• I decided, on Monday, that it was time to put on my big-girl panties: I scheduled an "accountable to myself/ and / change it up" week this week.
Last week, although I thought I'd done fine with calories and food choices, and, although I did more exercise than usual (added a couple of walks in and did Zumba in addition to my 3 Curves days), my weight was up 2 pounds on Sunday, and another pound today. I'm at the highest that I've been since I lost the weight, and during maintenance stage. Was at 126.2 Monday morning.
I'm not sure what was going on, but, I'm going to blame it on peri-menopause. However, even if the blame is fairly placed there (or, especially, if the blame is fairly placed there), it is still a reality that I have to deal with, and not something I wish to use as an easy excuse to gain back the weight I lost.

• Here is my plan for this week:
1. No aspartame (Diet Dr Pepper is my beverage-of-choice).
2. Water with lemon first thing every morning and will sip on some regularly during the day. Homemade iced tea (unsweetened, or possibly with some Stevia) will be my alternate beverage.
3.. Calorie-cycling: Will track food at SparkPeople this week. Will plan on two "Enough" days (today is one) and the rest will likely be "Medium" days. I may, or, may not, throw in a "Hungry" day.
4. Will cut back, some, on red meat this week and might include 1 or 2 vegetarian days.
5. Will make my weekly exercise goal. (I usually do, but, occasionally I fudge.) I might do additional exercise.
6. Will incorporate some of the ideas from a liver article I read last week. I really do believe that, when the liver is allowed to be more efficient, that our bodies can also be more efficient at losing weight. Green tea, leafy green vegetables, avocados, apples

So far, I've followed my plan fairly closely. Here are my current results:
March – mostly 120-123 lb range
3/31 – 125.2 lbs !AAAck
4/1 - 126.4 lbs !!AAAck
4/2 - 123.2 lbs, following “enough” day (Last two days must’ve been weird hormonal stuff. )
4/3 - 122.6 lbs, following medium day
4/4 - 121.6 lbs, following medium day
4/5 - 120.4 lbs, following medium day

Wow. Never lost a pound a day that many days in a row before. Today will be an "enough" day. I'll see what tomorrow's scale holds; I suspect it will go up slightly, and then go back down again the next day. I'd love to get back into the maintenance range of 116-118 that I maintained prior to this over-age-50 stuff occurring.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Ok, this just confirms to me what I've been suspecting all month; since peri has started to affect my sleep, then probably my weight as well. Going to lower my calories back down to 1200-1500 and see what happens.
    Part of me wants to stomp my foot and say "no fair" to have to deal with this JUST when I was on a roll and learned the right tools. I guess better now than later. Getting this urge to finally take care of me what probably brought on by peri' in the first place, so I guess I should be thankful.
    What I'm trying to say is "I hear ya, sister! You are not alone."
    1842 days ago
    interesting plan
    1842 days ago
    Sounds like a good plan. Following your advice I have added a "hungry" day per week and I have been seeing a painfully slow but steady weight loss. Thanks!
    1843 days ago
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