...slow progress is progress

Friday, April 05, 2013

emoticon I've had a really down week with frustration that nothing is happening with my weight and measurements.... it's just so hard to be 6 weeks in and not be seeing results! I've not lost any weight and my measurements are exactly what they were when I started.

Shawn told me yesterday morning that I am so much stronger than I started... being that I'm doing the TRX exercises a lot faster and at deeper angles etc..... he understands my frustration though... he even left a quote on my desk that made me smile... 'cuz he took the time to do it!
"some quit due to slow progress never grasping the fact that...
..... slow progress is progress"

like I told him, I know that... I just need to get my head and heart on the same track! I know I'm gaining strength, but I've always been strong.... come on, I'm a ranch kid that had to get 50lb feed bags from here to there.... AND I had brothers who didn't believe their sister wasn't their wrestling dummy! So I've always been stronger than people expected me to be! I didn't start this process to become stronger! I am doing this to lose weight ~ getting healthy is the side effect for me! lol!

But then I heard that some of the kids at the school have been commenting on the fact that I look like I've been losing a lot of weight.... so that made me feel better.... even though I know I'm not! :-) I just can't believe that it's possible to be losing the exact same amount of fat as I'm gaining in muscle! lol! But I think my posture is better, core is tighter, so that's huge! Makes me look a lot different :-)

I'm not giving up... I'm NOT QUITTING!!! Keep pushing and changes will be more visable soon! 6 weeks in and it's just frustrating!

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    I get it. I do I do I do. I am right there with you. Didn't blog for almost 2 weeks and just stepped back. Didn't stop doing what I should be doing (working out / eating right) but I too am at maximum frustration. I feel like with this much work I should be have baggie pants and a smile. Hang in there. We aren't going the WRONG way - we just need to expedite the progress! If I get any breakthrough I will let you know!
    Rowing in the same boat...
    KATIE emoticon
    2164 days ago
    I absolutely understand your frustration! It sounds like you are pushing through it though. emoticon emoticon
    2180 days ago
    every time i start a diet, i don't lose right away if i'm upping my exercise too. so i don't pay much attention to the scale. i leave that for my doctor and other people who are impressed by numbers. i use how my clothes fit and how my energy levels rise to determine how i'm doing.
    2180 days ago
    My weight loss slowed waaaaay down when I first started exercising, so you probably are losing fat and gaining muscle. You might also need to tweak your calories. I've had to lower mine a few times to get the scale moving again. Also, taking in more fiber has helped when I've been stuck. These are just a few suggestions that have worked for me. We all have to find what works for our bodies. You have a great attitude! Keep working and I know the scale will start moving!!!
    2181 days ago
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