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Don't sweat guide to weight loss success Part 3

Thursday, April 04, 2013

41. Love yourself in the way that you eat.Improper choices & eating is a lack of self-respect.

42.Forget the fad foods- eat sensibly & moderately.

43.Use food as fuel.Retrain your way of thinking.
Your attitude has a profound effect on your behavior in relation to food.You can free your mind of food preoccupations.Unlearn weight- challenging habits & learn to deal with emotional issues in more productive & effective ways.

44.Have a healthy relationship with your scale.

45.Beware the gourmet syndrome. Keep it simple! Your body can't tolerate rich eating all the time.

46.Dress in your own style.Don't let the fashion world enslave you.

47.Understand food & mood.Keep in mind the positive effects that good nutrition & exercise will have on your mood, health & happiness.

48. Feed your spirit.

49.Rewrite your internal script .Stay Positive.

50.Learn to deal with gains.

51.Envision change.

52.Make short term goals.

53.Rethink the pantry-make the pantry your friend.

54. Avoid boredom eating.

55.Learn to say no without guilt.

56.Expose the myth of weight loss as happiness.

57.Choose fresh over preserved.

58.Identify empty calories.

59.Recognizing the binge factors.

60.Plan rewards for meeting your goals.
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