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Water - The Elixir of Life

Thursday, April 04, 2013

There are a million different weight loss programs, but the one thing that I would venture to guess that all of them have in common is this one leetle, bitty rule:

"Drink 64oz of water daily"

Our bodies are like 75% composed of water. Because I am nerdy this way, I found this awesome infograph that shows what this looks like:

We have to eat a certain amount of food to make sure we have the calories to live (the energy to run our body, to keep our body heat, to move around, etc.). If our bodies are almost 3/4ths water, it makes sense we would also need to replenish it daily.

But that's not all that water does - water can make you feel full and sated. A lot of times, when we are "hungry", we are actually thirsty, but our body isn't smart enough to distinguish between the two. Since I've started my weight loss journey (and have attempted to drink minimally 64 oz a day), I've noticed this to be true for myself. Around 9 o'clock, I'm hungry. Instead of reaching for something to eat, I instead drink 8 oz or so of water. 95% of the time, I'm no longer hungry.

(Obviously, if drinking some water doesn't help, then by all means, eat something - just make sure to eat something healthy!)

Unlike with drinking soda or coffee or beer, water doesn't make you feel what I like to call "heavy" - that feeling of being a blob on the ground that doesn't want to move. I feel refreshed and invigorated. I am perky and pleasant.

So why can it be so hard to drink your required 64oz of water a day? It's crazy how the simplest thing I can do to help me lose weight is often the one I have to arm-wrestle myself to do!!

One of the reasons drinking water is so tough is because everything else is manufactured to taste so good. Companies spend lots of time and money perfecting their formulas for milk, juice, soda, and more. I don't doubt that some sort of "addictive" additive is included in this formula.

I'll be honest too - sometimes I want a bit of a flavor to my drink. Also, the bubbly carbonation is addictive; there's just something about those CO2 bubbles that makes you want to drink it!

Here are some ways that I've been able to help myself drink more water daily:

+ Drink about 16oz - 32oz in the morning. With my morning breakfast bar, I make sure to drink one of those Aquafina water bottles at least. It helps me off to a good start and makes me feel fuller.

+ Have a water bottle at my desk. I don't have a coffee mug that is always full of coffee at my desk; instead, I have my water bottle.

+ When I am frustrated with work, I use it as an excuse to get up from my desk and get more water. I need to get away anyway - might as well get more water while I'm at it!

+ Track your water intake. Like tracking steps or fitness minutes, tracking how much water you drink can be a fun game.

+ When I am bored or hungry or thirsty, I take a good long drink of water.

I've gotten better about drinking water, but on the weekends, when I'm out and about and not sitting at my desk for 8 hours, I struggle with it.

Here are some things I'd like to do to help me get my water on the weekend:

+ Always carry a water bottle around

+ If I am shopping and don't have water with me, buy one at a store. Who cares if it is 2 bucks, I need my water!

+ Ask for water to go with my coffee (I usually stop at a coffee shop on the weekends).

+ If I go out to eat (very rare anymore!), ask for water instead of soda.

How are you with water drinking? What tips do you have for getting your 64oz in per day?
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I love carbonation too! My favorite is Arrowhead lime-flavored sparkling water. They are only around $1 each and I usually buy a few each week. But then again I don't have problems drinking plain, filtered water. I was born and raised in the desert, so we desert dwellers certainly feel dehydration a lot quicker. Plus, our tap water is extremely hard in the Southwest thus filtered water tastes smooth and delicious to my taste buds.

    My best tip for water intake? High intensity exercise! Nothing will reset your body's need for water better than a workout in which you sweat buckets. The more I exercise the better in tune I am with my body. I eat better, drink more water, and sleep like a baby when I am in a good exercise groove. Our bodies are meant to move :D
    1842 days ago
    I loved your picture. And as for how, mostly what I drink in water, (they as that's all I am!) emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1842 days ago
    i sip water all day. i do like to how when i start to feel agitated, a cool drink of water can make me feel better.
    1842 days ago
    It has been hard for me to drink 8 glasses of water as I have never cared at all for plain water. Since joining spark I am up to 6 glasses a day and am pushing myself to drink more.I read in a blog that it helped to look at drinking water as your most important job of the day. That thought helps to remind me to keep on drinking.
    emoticon emoticon
    1842 days ago
  • JHARP2
    I used to hardly drink water. It was always sweet tea. So I have recently switched over to only water and I feel INCREDIBLE. My skin is looking better, I have more energy etc. I have only been shy of my 8 cups of water ONE day since starting my journey.

    One of the things that helps me the most- I carry my camelbak water bottle with me everywhere. I know it is exactly 3.5 cups of water. Then I just keep track of how many I drink throughout the day! :) I usually drink around 4 full water bottles a day. Sometimes 5.

    Thankfully I have never been a big soda drinker but giving up tea (which I am convinced runs in my veins) was a lot easier than I had thought it'd be.

    All in all... I love it and I've noticed a massive difference in how I feel and look!

    Good luck!! :)
    1842 days ago
    Great post! Wonderful goals for drinking more on the weekend. During the week I drink like 18 glasses a day; on the weekend it drops to 12. It really is harder without the structure of work.

    I love how the dude in your infographic looks like a mer-man. He's not just composed of water, he lives in it, too!

    My body has gotten better at distinguishing between hunger and thirst, as I've been more mindful about asking myself if I'm thirsty before I eat. The less I "feed my thirst" (instead of drinking something), the easier it becomes to distinguish hunger and thirst.
    1842 days ago
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