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Thursday, April 04, 2013

I'm just not in the best mood today. I have to go deal with an issue with my kids' school that I'm having. I don't want to come off throwing accusations around but I want to get this frustration off my chest. My oldest son has never been in any trouble there, or in any school. His assigned seat is at the very back of the classroom and never gone to the principal's office. So why is it that his teacher seems to be on his case for every movements he makes? I've had enough. I've talked to some of the other parents and they feel like I do. So now I go talk to the principal today and I'm trying to figure out how to word this all in a nice manner. This teacher doesn't call me for anything that happens regarding my son. She told me at one point he was 5 weeks behind in almost all his classes. I checked on it myself and he may have been missing 5 assignments in 1 class and was on schedule or ahead in the others. She hadn't even graded some of the work he had turned in until I went to ask her about it. The kids all wear headsets to hear the instructions on the computer. She has been telling my son a lot lately that he needs to stop talking. Who is he talking to if everyone is wearing headsets? He adjusted himself in his chair and she told him to sit still. If he was such a problem child, why isn't he sitting up next to her? If he's so bad, why hasn't he ever been sent to the principal? Why haven't I been notified that he is being disruptive? Why wasn't I notified for any situation that involved my son? I have my theory on it, which will be hard to prove, but no matter what the reasoning for this, it needs to end now. My son is upset and doesn't even want to be in class anymore and I'm done with all of this. She is the adult and she needs to behave like one. I know it can't just be my son either because when I walk into the classroom she puts on her defensive, or maybe I should say offensive, posture. If my bf goes in with me, she will speak to him like they are old friends. I asked some of the other parents and they all said she does the same to them as well.

I didn't get to take a nap today and I'm exhausted. I've been staying up late because my puppy was sick and I had to force feed her food and meds. I blubber on for another hour after my bf gets home about everything that has gone on during the day. I'm getting about 6 hours of sleep a night; tossing and turning and waking up constantly for those 6 hours.

My computer is not liking me today. I kept trying to open programs but they didn't want to turn on but I didn't want to lose the pages I was looking at and spend the time to reboot it till I was ready to leave....which is in about 10 mire minutes here. My back and shoulders are tight and sore and I have a headache. I'm even aggravated that I was told a book I had ordered was shipped off last week and I still haven't received it. lol. Just in a mood I guess. Today is going to be a busy evening but I think I'm going to try to go to bed early and see if my mood doesn't improve. Maybe it's also because I'm realizing all the new things I have to cut out of my diet and feeling a little overwhelmed at everything.

Yea.....a good night's sleep sounds great to me.
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    I took it to the principal last week and I have an appointment with him and his supervisor tomorrow morning. I'm trying to finish getting my ducks in a row here because I want this to end. I just need to be able to make sure I touch on all the points and keep calm. My son was worried that when he walked in today she would know something but I'm not so sure they discussed it with her just yet. I was shocked when she was standing outside the principals office when I walked out of there last week and asked if I had spoken to the principal yet and if he had told me about my son's test scores. I said I just talked to him but I don't know what she's talking about. I turned back to him and asked what had happened. Turns out my son made the highest benchmark scores in the whole middle school. My son, who she seems to think is such a problem child, who is always disruptive and needs to be jumped on all the time passed the test and only missed 4 questions. She seemed so excited and the only reason I could come up with was that it made her look good because she must be doing something right in the classroom. I looked at her and said "good." I, of course, bragged on my son all the way home, posted it all over facebook and called people to let them know. He was so embarrassed. Even his classmates were telling me as I was leaving the school how well he did.

    So, again, where is the real problem here????
    1901 days ago
    You have some excellent questions for your son's teacher--have you considered bringing the principal in on the meeting? If you and other parents are having the same problems maybe you need to meet with the other parents, the principal, and the teacher. I am wishing you the best because I know this can be stressful.

    1902 days ago
    Wishing you relief.
    1905 days ago
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