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Thursday, April 04, 2013

I some how ended up with two Spark People accounts and I wanted to make sure that I didn't loose the blog entries on the account that I had done less work on, but had used the blog a lot so I remember everything I have gone through on this struggle to try to get back down to a size 8. I had gotten up to the 18/20/22 range and I am now back down to a 10/12/14 (it always depends on the cut, lol) and have lost 30 pounds since this started. I don't seem to be loosing as much weight but I am still getting smaller so I am assuming I'm adding on more muscle which is denser. So here's to starting again. My birthday was this past Sunday and what better way to go forward with a new year.

Here are the old blog entries from the other account:

Illness, a Wake and a month of travel
Wednesday, October 07, 2009
I have been sick and managed to break my toe which has really slowed my exercise progress and then a close friend passed away which was very unmotivating and as I live in the South, it did include a full array of comfort food at the wake. During the month of September I have worked three conventions and produced/performed in a show. 

I've come to a stand still with my weight. I don't seem to be adding any pounds but I haven't lost any either. I've also noticed my that my insomnia has been horrible and I am sure that it has to do with the depression from loosing a friend. I'm about to resort to vitamins to try to make sure that I'm getting everything that I need because I keep finding I am falling short and that's just as bad as getting too much. I need to come up with a plan but it has been very hard to be motivated to do much of anything. 

I begin working at a haunted house on Friday so I am hoping that the 4-5 hours of forced exercise at the Haunt helps with my exercise goals. I also have another show on Saturday and may be auditing a dance class before I go back to the Haunt Sunday evening. 

Hopefully I will be able to get out of this funk and get back on track. 

Stupid Holidays
Monday, December 28, 2009
I was doing really well for a while but with the holidays and a general feeling of awful with being broke, I lost all my motivation. I am currently trying to make sure that I put everything on my tracker for this week so I can get back in the habit and next week I will not only count my calories, but pay close attention and be careful about what they are. Nothing quite deters me from eating a snack then knowing that if I eat it I'll have to write it down, lol. The current problem is of course that my boyfriend's mom sent us home with a giant shopping bag of homemade cookies. I think we're going to be giving many of them away as gifts. So here's to creating good habits and getting back on the horse...again.

New Year
Friday, January 01, 2010
Happy 2010! (Reads as twenty ten in my head) So today I have been making a point of keeping track of everything I eat and drink and I'm trying to stay with in my goals today to get a good start to the new year. I figure if I can stay on track on a lazy day of hangovers then I'll have a good chance to continue my goal on a daily basis. I'm trying to find other homes for all of the cookies and sweets that were given to us for the holidays, we just have too much lying around the house and that includes the fact that we still have left over Halloween candy, lol. So today I'm resolving to stick to my goal, weigh myself once a week and take a picture of myself to keep track of my progress. Valentine's Day is in six weeks and it's a nice goal to work on for such a special holiday.

Technically it's Monday
Monday, January 04, 2010
So I decided that I would start being focused on Monday and had spent the past week (even back into Dec) getting in the habit of reading labels and making sure to enter all of my food into my tracker. Tomorrow morning I put on the swimsuit I want to be able to wear again and take a picture...I'm going to do that every Monday until I reach my goal weight so I can see the difference. I am hoping that will be the motivation I need to make sure to do my yoga DVD twice a week, watch what I'm eating and generally trying to get in over all better shape and health. 

I'm having trouble sleeping because I can't quit thinking about everything. This has been an on going problem for years and I am hoping that they working out will help me be able to fall asleep. With the new year always ringing in at midnight it's thrown off my sleep schedule and will probably take close to a week for me to get it back on track. I am hoping that eating, sleeping and exercising at regular times and having an actual routine will help me be able to keep my focus and make my goals. 

Also, I need to get new batteries for my scale...doing a full weigh in and measurement tomorrow as well.

Releationship with Food Challange 1
Monday, January 11, 2010
What I discovered is that I need to take vitamins. All the things that I crave are things like salt, because I need more potassium, meat because I need iron, etc.... My biggest problems is that I don't eat regularly and when I have a lot going on it's even harder for me to try to keep track of needing to eat. I don't have a great relationship with food because the things I want aren't good for me and the things I need aren't around. This week will definitely be a close eye on the shopping list.
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