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Kind of random here today.

Thursday, April 04, 2013

Hmmm, what to blog about today.

Well, my Red’s won last night. I think it is the start of a 161 game win streak. Of course then we will drop 3 straight in the first round of the playoffs but we will enjoy this while we can. Okay, maybe I am being overly optimistic about the 161 game win streak, but the season is young and it is time for dreams.

I went to the gym last night. I had a good tough workout and had to keep convincing myself not to hit the level down button in the last 10 minutes. I am hoping to get out on the real bike this weekend. Start getting the behind used to the seat again. I plan to go to the gym tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday. But I am planning to go to a local park with a nice bike trail to ride with my youngest daughter on Saturday afternoon though so we can ride together. It won’t be much of a workout for me, hence the gym Saturday morning. But it will be quality time with her and she has been wanting to do this all winter. So, gotta remember to fix my tube tonight.

Okay, just curious. How many go to a gym to workout? How many refuse to get a shower at the gym? I had this conversation with 2 women at work yesterday that say there is no way they would shower at the gym. I get public showers aren’t exactly the most fun places. But there is no way I could work out and get in my car and come home. Of course later it dawned on me one of them works out before work. Can we all say Ewwww. Lol. I am way to sweaty nasty when I am done to not shower there. Then I was thinking, if you are really working out hard, most likely you may not be working out as hard as you should be. I just got sort of grossed out I guess. I can see not wanting to, but at the same time there really isn’t a choice for me. I guess I can see it if you are going right home to shower, but coming to work after, sort of yucky to me!

I had one gripe on my ride last night. Anyone who has read of few of these, knows my affinity for the little red dots on the recumbent bike screen. It is so enjoyable watching those dots progress. I am so bad, I even calculate out how many more columns of dots I have to go. Well, the workout last night was not cooperating! Normally it is a steady progression. You can easlly figure out the pattern. It moves every 10 seconds, or 20 seconds, or 60 seconds. You get the idea. Last night was not the case. As an accountant, I like my numbers nice and orderly. Last night those suckers changed after 25, 35 seconds, 20 seconds, with no real pattern. And as much as I look at the time already, I didn’t want to try to figure out the pattern. Ugh. Talk about leaving a number nerd frustrated. Just throw a bunch of random dots out there and change it up every so often but don’t tell him how often it changes! And make him work out and watch the clock!

Well, I thought that was going to be a short blog. Hope you enjoyed it. I am working on some thoughts for another funny one. I need to get some humor out there!
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    I get it if you are just going home. It makes sense. My thought though is, why make my shower dirty. Then again, I haven't gotten a fungus from it. They just sort of acted like, why would you need to shower?
    1844 days ago
    I work out at home so that is not a problem for me now but when I worked at the gym I didn't use the showers b/c they didn't work. (The owner was cheap) So I had no choice but to go home and shower. But then again I didn't work out until once I got off work and had no where else to go but home.

    Sorry the bike messed you up by throwing out random dots. Hopefully it wont do that tomorrow.

    I plan on taking my son with me this weekend on the walking trail that is if the rain goes away by then.
    1844 days ago
    I used to go before work, but then I would come home to shower and get the kids ready for school. One round of foot fungus turned me off of showers at the gym! And since my car has 290K on worries there...LOL. So the little red dots....could it possibly be that your rate varies on how fast your going or the level at which you are working? And I thought I was a number nerd...LOL. Congratulations on getting that time in at the gym and your continued weight's another Woo Hoo day!!!
    1844 days ago
    Hi I go to the gym at night once my hubby gets home from work and after I make dinner for everyone. I DONT shower at the gym because I live like 5 mins away and like to be naked at home LOL. If I had plans or worked then I would shower at the gym and it wouldnt bother me but it doesnt make sense when I live so close. Also on a side note I totally calculate the dots on the treadmill as well lol.
    1844 days ago
  • STEPHANIE302013
    I go to the gym to work out - I used to go in the morning before work and would definately shower before heading into the office. Now I go after work and since I only 10 minutes from home I change quickly and walk home instead of showering at the gym. I can't imagine why anyone who goes to the gym before work wouldn't be showering - that's really gross!
    1844 days ago
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