Pickles and Splenda.....the un-shameful truth!

Thursday, April 04, 2013

Pickles are one of my favorite foods, I'll admit it. I know they're filled with sodium, but they're so YUMMY!! Do they make low-sodium pickles? I bet they wouldn't taste nearly as good. :-) Since I love them, but don't need the sodium, I tend to not buy them. But as I was at the grocery store yesterday, I saw them and they were calling my name. So I bought them. Do these count as a "cheat" food? What's the criteria for a "cheat" food? I know the sodium in pickles is bad, but aside from that, they're low in calories and count as a veggie. So are they really a bad snack?

What about Splenda? Is it really that bad for you? Most people agree anything artificial probably isn't the best. One of my favorite nutritional quotes is: "Whenever you see the words 'FAT-FREE' or 'LOW-FAT'.....Think of the words 'CHEMICAL SH*T STORM'."

But nonetheless, I crave a sweetness in my coffee so I buy Sugar-Free Coffee Mate and add a packet of Splenda to each cup. Again, I know it's probably not the best for me, but darn it, I'm making so many food sacrifices to lose this weight, it pisses me off that I should have to deny myself one of the small luxuries I allow myself (1-2 cups of coffee in the morn) because Splenda and Sugar-Free Coffee Mate are really synonymous with "Chemical Sh*t Storm" and thus, I feel bad about filling my body with chemicals. There are so many rules to this weight loss game, I just can't get it all together at the same time. :-)

In a perfect world, I'd buy 100% organic and make every meal from scratch. I'd never feed my kids refined carbs, and I'd never allow GMO's to find their way into my grocery cart. Unfortunately, I'm made of neither money nor time, so I'm unable to live in this perfect world. But I do try to prepare meals using as many "whole" foods as possible, limit refined snacks/carbs for the kids, and buy organic if it's feasible.

So anyway, that's my rant for the day. I love pickles and I use Splenda daily!
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  • BIZZ27
    I think you are making wonderful strides!! The issue with pickles is not only the sodium, but the vinegar that's in it... Too much vinegar can make lighten the blood... So obviously, it's ok to have some, but in moderation... Buy a small jar instead, then the craving can go and you can move on.

    As for the sugar, at least you're trying!! Gosh people can't get on your back over every little decision! I think you're doing just perfect. So what if you're having Splenda here or there? I'm sure that you're not going for fast food every day and such now, and I would rather see you incorporating whole foods instead of processed ones over switching to natural sugar ANY day lol

    In time, once you're so used to eating the whole foods, you might decide that you can then try to stop the splenda altogether or switch to something natural... No biggie!!!

    Celebrate the small successes!!!!!!
    1904 days ago
    I too am looking for a replacement for that "nasty" Splenda. I totally agree that when you have so few things left to savor and enjoy (like a really good cup of coffee) you want it the way you want it!! And I like it deliciously sweet but don't want to use the real sugar. But then I wonder..... maybe I would be doing less damage by using real sugar than I am by putting all of those chemicals in my body. I have thought of trying to slowly decreasing the sweetness so maybe after awhile I can eliminate it all together, but that's still a dilema. IDK.... I don't have the answer but I did appreciate your rant!! PS Did you ever try pickles with fresh cheddar cheese from the Farmers's Market (now there's another necessary evil emoticon )
    1904 days ago
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