No excuses! 60 days to a better body today is day 11!!!!!

Thursday, April 04, 2013

Good morning SPARKERS!!!

Today i woke up feeling like i've had such a long week all i want to do is stay in bed all day,
not go for a morning walk,
not go to work,
no excersize,
no playing with the kids,
no cleaning,
no cooking.
no walking the dog no nothing....

But i cant!!!!
I cant let myself be a couch potatoe!!!
If i dont go for my morning walk i will feel tense all day!
if i dont go to work my paycheck will be short, and i casnt afford that!
if i dont work out today im just letting all my past efforts go to out the window!if i dont play with my kid ill just miss her more later,
if i dont clean today, tommorrow will just bring double chores,
if i dont cook today how will i assure my family eats a healthy well balanced meal?
if i dont walk the dog he will think its ok to use my rug as his personal toilet.

So i've decided that today i will keep pushing !!!!

So if your reading this right now and you're thinking of taking today off or even considering it ....DONT! Keep pushing Sparkers Together we can do this!

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