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The Vanilla of weight loss

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

I posted a blog yesterday but decided it seemed to, um... I don't know racial?? Which is not what I intended. I was merely stating the obvious vanilla flavor of weight loss. Not just on here but in life itself! It seems if you do not have 100 pds to lose or if you have always lived in "0ne"derland that you really do not have a weight loss issue or aloud to state that you do. If you are a goal size to someone who weighs 250, they may look at your 180 body and bark at you for even mentioning you wanna lose weight. Well ladies my 180 frame is tooo big for ME! I normally weigh 165. I like being there! I do not like weighing anywhere near my hubby! OMG!
I am a die hard gym rat and love it! I run and run. Am I obese??? No. Am I even considered overweight? No(barely). But do I feel comfortable now? No...not really. I am more positive now and live in the moment. But being 15-20 pds lighter would make me feel more athletic and yes I will say it. More attractive. To myself! My hubby LOVES me and thinks I am forever hot emoticon
I don't like getting emails about how I should stop calling myself chubby, or that I workout to much. Like what???? I LOVE working out...it keeps me sane. I like walking 1.5 miles to the library with my girls in the stroller. I like riding bikes with my girls on an active rest day. Why? To show them humans are suppose to be out side and active!
I had a gal ask me today if I run. I like whoa I most look like one of those goddess and do not even notice! emoticon
Then realized it was my feet! emoticon taped heel and missing toenails

I wore a new maxi skirt today and must say im hooked! I love black! Of course duh! Slimmer looking!!

Yep spring days are the best!

Be another flavor. Who cares if you need to lose 5 or 100 pds. Lets all support one another!!

Sparkle friends emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • ALOFA0509
    Ohh that outfit is stunning!! I love yur look sista, if I looked like you i'd walk arnd in volleyball spanx shorts , and a tank to shop for groceries.. Lol. Like you sd it's not Yur ideal place to be so U do what makes U happy!! Cheering for U always mama!!
    1904 days ago
    it's all about being comfortable with yourself, for some it's a weight, from some it's a certain outfit they want to get into, for some it's being able to get around more easily - we are all here for our own reasons. keep doing what makes you happy dollface!
    1904 days ago
    Hm. Am I a bad person because I was on the same page?
    1904 days ago
    If I lost 100 pounds from where I started I'd be under weight (or darn close to it)

    We each have to be happy with ourselves, part of that is making our own decisions for how much to lose and where we are happy. The other part is being happy with ourselves once we get there. My goal is not set in stone for that exact reason, I picked an arbitrary number at the top end of the healthy BMI range, but when I get there or close to there I will assess where my body is and how I feel about it.

    I have heard before on this site one person's starting weight is another person's goal and it is so very true. I admire people who lost hundreds of pounds for making the commitment, but I also admire people who reshaped their bodies and found a love for an active life when they "only" lost a few actual pounds.

    I love the skirt, it looks great on you. I am glad to see long flowy skirts making a fashion comeback.
    1905 days ago
  • PURPLE180
    Well said. It is all about supporting one another. I remember being 100 (plus) pounds heavier and thinking wow I can't wait to be 170 now I sit at 170 longing to be 165 ish. emoticon
    1905 days ago
    I am surprised that anyone on this site (or in any weight loss community) would detract from another's success, unless it was clear that the person was entering a dangerous weight territory (underweight/eating disorders). Good luck and keep focused on living your best life.
    1905 days ago
    I still can't believe people are mailing you comments like that. Maybe they think they're being kind/helpful, etc. I mean, you do look GREAT. But it is up to you how much you weigh, not me. You're not doing anything unhealthy so why should I be unduly concerned with what you choose as your goals? Weird.
    1905 days ago
    I agree , here is the deal we all have to be like you said comfortable in our body and if that means losing 10 or 100 that is what you have to do. I have known people with "only" 10lbs to lose and they struggle just as much as I do. We all have our own issues and you're right we should all support each other.

    How great you are teaching your daughters how great being active is.. You are giving them tools to keep them from having weight issues.

    Think if we all turned off our tv's and computer how much better off we would be. We would probably want to go outside for interaction :)

    Best wishes on your Journey. emoticon
    1905 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/3/2013 4:51:00 PM
  • LUCKY1964
    I have to say that I have to agree with you. I understand that alot of people are finishing were you are starting but I would like to be one of the first to tell you goodluck and welcome to the journey this site is for starting your journey to get to where you want to be and we are all on the same road together.
    1905 days ago
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