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Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Yes, I realize I totally went AWOL for a good amount of time, but everything kinda came crashing down around my family and the what not.

As I had mentioned before we were building a house. But my dad lost his job, we lost financing, and the house is gone. Because we lost the house (literally 5 days before closing), we also got kicked out of our apartment (plus the new neighborhoods were so loud, even my dad was getting P.O.'ed). It was leased from right out from under us (or whatever that saying goes). Then we had to find a freaking rental home, and no one was willing to show us any house. THEN my fish which I had for four plus years died. Then we moved. Today marks the fourth day or so in the rental house, and the second day out of the apartment.

So the house is nice, a little strange, but we aren't going to stay here but a year. Makes me not want to unpack. My family and I have realized we have about 50% too much stuff, so we are going to downsize, hopefully with a garage sale, but then again, garage sales are a little odd since this neighborhood all has alleys.

This neighborhood is very "Leave It To Beaver" or Mayberry-ques. All craftsmen style homes, all looking more or less the same. Same colors, same floor plans, same landscaping. It's a nice starter home/retired home community. So as I mentioned, some major storage and downsizing is about to occur.

It was a fast and furious move, which took place for the last 5 days or so. First there was a storage unit we rented (our second one to be precise). Then we loaded up things into storage on Friday and Saturday. Then Sunday we got the keys to the rental home, and started moving things in. At 4 o'clock Sunday the movers came to load up a POD and take the main furniture to the rental home (yes, that is two large storage units packed full, one large POD, and still a house that looks like it's full of stuff). Of course, on Sunday there was still a crap ton left to do at the house. My closet, some stuff in my mom's craft room, the master bathroom and closet, as well as the kitchen still needed to be done. I stayed at the apartment doing stuff until about one in the morning, then crashed at the rental house for a couple of hours. Monday came and my mom had to go to work, so it was just me and my dad. Unfortunately my dad isn't really the moving type. Or the manual labor type.

I pretty much did everything on my own on Monday, then around 5 o'clock, when my dad had left to take a "load" to the rental home, I called my mom in tears telling here I needed help because dad hadn't started on the closet and we weren't close to done. Had it been my mom and me, we would have knocked it out by 3 in the afternoon, but it was basically just me. My mom came and helped out, but we still had another one in the morning night.

I had to wake up early again on Tuesday for the cable/ATT install, and I started unloading boxes and kitchen goods. I am still working at getting the place decent enough so I can work at unloading the pod, then the storage units, but it's going to be a long couple of months.

NOW, for the good news!

My dad got a job!!! So happy! Plus it turns out he will be working with several previous employees, so he is happy about that. It's a start up, but it already has some massive contracts so it is looking good. The house we moved to is in a good area, plus they have a small pond with a paved trail (1.16 miles) around it. Lots of places to run, bike or even rollerblade around here. Plus I am nearly right across the street from the community pool, and the local rec center (which is like the local version of the YMCA). It's only $15 a month, and they have an indoor walking/running area. So for the winter months I can workout there.

Phoebe, my cat, seems to really like the new place. Normally the skittish cat wouldn't have left her hidy hole, but she seems more normal now than at the apartments (which was just getting too loud). As I mentioned before, this house is weird. It looks like it has room, but then you start putting stuff away and you realize how small it is. My room is about 1/4 smaller than the apartments, and the bathroom (which I don't have to share with my mother) is half the size of the apartments. Then my closet is about a quarter the size of the apartments. The living room, dining area, and kitchen are bigger. Though the cabinets in the kitchen are smaller. It's just odd. Like the people that designed it weren't really thinking about the little things. I guess it's fine for a young couple (starter homes/family) or even some one who is single that don't have a lot of stuff. But little things like the huge kitchen sink that splashes, or the short bathroom counter (hello, I'm barely 5 foot 2 inches and they are short for me) are a little odd.

Again, this is just for a year though.

So a lot of bad, a little good. And off I go to unpack and clean some more. Oh and my allergies are totally kicking my butt now.

My goal is to get back to working out, and lose this 10/15 pounds I put on from my dad "off" months starting next Monday. But I still will be unpacking by then too!

Hope everyone is doing well! Keep up the great work!


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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    i know tings will get better for you.
    Keep your head up and know that the bad times are all temporary.

    1906 days ago
    Sounds like you've got a lot of work ahead of you, but also a good place to get started from! Enjoy your new (small) place!
    1907 days ago
    I only see the positives in this blog Misha! I'm so thrilled you're back and that things for the most part have been on the up and up. I look forward to seeing more of you! Glad you and your family are somewhat settling and getting back to the norm or whatever the h*ll that is. emoticon
    1907 days ago
    Welcome back, missed you and I'm glad that things are starting to calm down and get back into a routine for you.
    1907 days ago
    Welcome back Misha! Glad to hear about the rental house, even though it's temporary, it sounds a bit nicer than the apartment! Awesome that your Dad found a job. Sounds like a few rough months had you but it's getting to look better every day! I bet you can't wait to fully unpack. I get anxiety trying to "live from a suitcase!"
    1907 days ago
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