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Dad & Dog

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

My dad had a really bad day yesterday. they gave him some pain meds for his back pain and it completely knocked him out. He slept all day long and was vey very confused and incoherent. The CT showed he had 1 significant stroke (most recent) as well as 2 mini-strokes (TIAs) in the past. My mom said she thought he was having TIAs and was worried, but he wouldn't listen of course. His brain MRI was clean and his caarotid artery test showed 100% blockage in the left artery which the MD said probably resulted from his cancer and radiation some 30 years ago now. The MD said that is why God gave us 2 of everything and that Dad's right artery was enough to keep blood flowing to his brain. His heartrate and blood pressure were rather low yesterday with that drug they gave him. I do not approve that they gave this drug, but they gave it before any of us got to the hospital. My dad keeps telling me that this is just another little bump in the road and he will be fine. I'm having my doubts. I'm scared.

I'm on my way in a few minutes to take Jack to the doggie neurologist for his MRI. His dizziness seems to have worsened too. He's actually been falling over. The night before last he couldn't even jump up into the bed. We have to take him to Greensboro, NC. They have to put him under so he was not allowed to eat last night and boy did that make him unhappy! If you are so inclined, please pray for my pup. Yes, he is 8 years old, but he is still my one and only baby boy!

So, the plan was to move Dad to a rehab center today, but that probably is not happening due to his lack of activity yesterday. My fear is that he will not come out of what they are assuming is a drugged state. Before yesterday he had left body partial paralysis. Yesterday he couldn't use his left side.

My dad has been through it in his life. He had 2 grown children die within 4 months of each other. He had cancer and survived. He spent the first 2 years of his retirement caring for my mom and then she died. Not even 4 months after she died he has this stroke. He's always been there for me. I have to be there for him and I am feeling oh so weak! All he wanted to do was travel and golf after retirement.... And now he is partially paralyzed. Both of my parents always gave, gave, gave. It all feels so unfair.

Jack is a loving and good dog. He never deserved this either. Unfair!

Yeah, I know life isn't fair. I know God supposedly doesn't give me more than I can handle. But, man oh man I'm struggling right now. My dad is a very good looking, very young looking 67 years old. He looks pitiful laying in that bed.

I know my thoughts have wandered and I apologize. I need to finish readying to take Jack and call someone to go see my Dad while I'm with Jack.... So, later!
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  • JSPIN74
    Sending wellness healing vibes out to your Dad and baby boy Jack. emoticon emoticon
    1842 days ago
    Father God, have mercy on Melissa, on her dad and her dog!
    You are able to save, deliver and heal!

    We ask this in Jesus' precious name. Amen.

    1842 days ago
    Praying for full recovery for your Dad. He is only 7 years older than me. He deserves to go white water rafting and golfing in his 70s. I also pray for answers for Jack. I wonder if he is missing some mineral in his diet. Or if the vertigo is caused by a micro-organism. You are in my heart.
    1844 days ago
  • FISHER011
    You & Yours are in my thoughts & prayers.
    God bless!
    1844 days ago
  • SHARON10002
    Melissa, I am so very sorry to hear about your Dad and Jack. It's tough going through both of these things at the same time. I know you are scared for your dad right now; try to keep your thoughts on the positive side because it will help you and your dad. Remember your thoughts create. . . It may not be possible to think big right now, but do whatever you can to keep your thoughts from sending you into a tailspin. Know that we are all there with you in spirit and in prayers.
    1844 days ago
    emoticon So sorry for all your family is going through but keeping everyone in prayers including your sweet boy
    1844 days ago
    Wow, there's no way around it but to agree with you that this is all so unfair and, SUCKS! But, God knows all the details of all the stuff we experience. Even the bad stuff. I firmly believe He has something really good coming for you on the other end of this yucky stuff you are going through! In the meantime, know I am praying for you, your dad and Jack. emoticon
    1845 days ago
    Melissa, I am praying for you and your ENTIRE family!

    1845 days ago
    Melissa, your and your family, including Jack are in my prayers!!!

    Hugs to all of you!!!
    1845 days ago
    Melissa, there isn't anything I can say, but will send many prayers for you, your Dad, and Jack. Sometimes we do wonder what God has in mind for each of us, and why he puts some through so much. God Bless all of you. emoticon emoticon
    1845 days ago
    Melissa-you are in my prayers!
    1845 days ago
    I'm so sorry for all you are darling with. I agree, this is all VERY unfair. I will be thinking about you, your family and your pup. I hope things turn around very soon!!

    1845 days ago
    Melissa, Your dear dad has indeed been through many heartaches. I have several friends including my dear brother and beloved sister (in heaven now after passing away with aggressive MS) who have had strokes, been partially paralyzed on one side or totally and have recovered their mobility through physical therapy. It is absolutely possible. Keep your chin up kiddo. And vent here when you need to...I'm here for you. Praying for your Dad's recovery and that the Lord would be pleased to help poor Jack. Big hugs for you...take care of yourself so you can be there for your dad and Jack. emoticon
    1845 days ago
    Melissa, my heart goes out to you. You have faced so many struggles in such a short period of time. I admire your strength. Your dad is so young to be going through this. I do hope there is complete recovery. I also hope the vet can diagnose what is wrong with Jack.

    1845 days ago
    Melissa, I'm keeping you all in my prayers.
    1845 days ago
    My prayers are with you and your family
    1845 days ago
  • BEEJAY49
    You are all in my prayers. Yes, I pray for pets too. Love you! HUGS!
    1845 days ago
    Hang in Melissa! This is clearly a tough period of time, but don't give up! Take it one day at a time!
    1845 days ago

    You have certainly had a rough time lately. My prayers are with you and with all those around you that are in need of prayer, Jack too. I love my fur baby also.

    We miss you on FIRECRACKERS but are covering your spots for you so don't worry about that.

    I trust you will get better news at the vet today.

    And remember, even though we do have to go through the hard times, God never leaves us alone--God is always just a prayer away when you need Him. So just talk to Him when you need a strong shoulder to lean upon. He will never leave you alone. Isn't that a wonderful thought--and it comes from the Bible. He says "I will never leave you or forsake you" WOW just reach out and touch Him when you need a soft touch.

    1845 days ago
    emoticon Thinking of BOTH your family members.....and you!!!
    1845 days ago
    Everyone will be in my thoughts and prayers, Jack included. I know what it's like to have family in pain, even the furry kind.
    1845 days ago
    Prayers for Jack and Dad. Love, light, and hope for you. Please, if there is anything I can do - just say so.
    1845 days ago
    Praying for your dad and for Jack. Please let me know how I can help you!
    1845 days ago
    I hope both your dad and your pup baby have better news today.....I always say to myself do what you can today...because we might not have tomorrow.....and I do believe that with all my heart...I work hard all summmer then travel hard all winter....67 is young and hopefully your dad is strong enough to come back he sounds like he deserves some peace....prayers...
    1846 days ago
    Thanks for sharing
    1846 days ago
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