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Tuesday, April 02, 2013

So this weekend was pretty nice here on the island. I had planned to do a workout while Korina had to go to work on Saturday morning. Initially I was going to just go to the gym but it was way too gorgeous outside to work out indoors. So I changed gears and I was gonna go hike diamond head which Korina and I had done before. Well I get to the entrance and the parking lot is full. I had always wanted to do Koko Head but it is very intimidating. I remember when I first got here I was thinking the people you see hiking this thing must be nuts lol! But after some time I wanted to try it so what better time than the present right. Here is a picture of koko head from the highway we took back in November. So something I want to add is I have a fear of heights. But the best way to battle fears I have learned is to face them head on so this was a great opportunity to do just that!

That little line you see is the trail to the top. The trail is a very old railroad track. So it is like climbing an uneven stair case all the way up. When I got to the base of the mountain I admit I was very nervous. it is a very intimidating sight standing there and looking up. Here is the view at the start of the trail.

So up I went I started the hike up at 10:01 am. I have to say it is every bit as tough as it looks. But as I hiked it, it was an excellent time to reflect on my journey. Having to lose 100+ pounds was very similar to staring at that path from the bottom. I am sure just like in weight loss a lot of people have come to base of koko head and thought it was just too daunting a task. Just like losing 100+ pounds seems insurmountable. But as intimidating as it was I didn't ask myself if I could climb the whole thing. I just focused on each step. It was such a huge reminder how much you can accomplish one small step at a time. So with that I started up. The first quarter of the trip up was not bad at all. I didn't have to stop and was going at a good pace. about 40% of the way up there is a bridge. Here is a picture of it (not my pic)

It is a chasm of about 60-80 feet. the drop from the tracks to the ground is about 9 feet. So from what I have read this is a point where a lot of people give up. They turn around and head back. you are little less than halfway. It seems like a daunting thing to cross. My knee was giving me a little trouble by this time so I was worried about crossing it. However there is a path around the bridge that you can take. It is still challenging as you are actually climbing up rocks and such to make your way back to the trail. This again remind me of my weight loss journey. Where you have all the motivation in the world then you hit a road block. you have a choice to make. Do you keep moving forward... Or do you revert back to old ways. I chose to keep moving. I took the path around. Given my fear of heights and my knee I thought it was the prudent choice. Also this shows that there are multiple ways around any obstacle.

After the bridge it starts getting really tough the grade changes significantly. you start going almost straight up. The last 25% of the trail is rough. I had to stop multiple times catch my breath. Shake out my legs and take it a step at a time. It really reminded me of where I am now. Close to my goal. only 25 pounds to go. yet each step it didn't seem I was getting closer to the top. Just like with each week it doesn't seem like I have been getting closer to my goal. It was frustrating. I was hot, my legs were aching, my knee was sore. Doubt started creeping in. Could I make it to the top? I had to stop looking at the finish line. as it didn't seem like it was getting closer. I started looking at the steps. counting each one. asking myself not if you can reach the top but if I could take the next step. I did. one at a time. it was painful at times but I was proud of each and every step. Proud that I knew I was not giving up. I was not going to let this beat me. I rested when I needed to. I drank water but I kept moving forward. then I looked back as I was only a few steps from the top. I sat down and looked at how far I had come.

I couldn't believe it. I was proud of it. I enjoyed the view while I caught my breath. Then I finished off the hike. I reached the summit at 11:02 61 minutes to make it up. The view was spectacular!!! The feeling was indescribable. Words just doesn't do it justice when you accomplish something you never even would have thought to attempt just two short years ago. All i have to say is just like with taking control of my life back I am so glad I did it. when it got tough I focused on the next step in front of me. I just kept moving forward knowing in the end it would be worth it. Know you can do anything you set your mind to on step at a time. It can get you further than you even dreamed!

I was pretty proud of the accomplishment even though two years ago I could barely make it up a few flights of stairs.

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