Tuesday, April 02, 2013

So I did go a little haywire for Easter treats... but I'm here. I'm tracking today, and I'm not going to let my setback set me even further back by letting it disuade me from continuing to try.

I can do this.

I made a new workout schedule for myself with a gym class most days of the week, and I will run when I want to in addition to that.

Monday: CXWorx - this is a Les Mills core and lower body class and it was GREAT. 20min intense ST. I'm so sore.

Tuesday: Zumba! :) YES, I went today. I also ran 2+ miles on the treadmill before Zumba class to work out some soreness and also because I knew I wouldn't do it after so I wanted to be sure I ran today.

Wednesday: Bodypump - not gonna lie, considering how sore I am, I'm a bit scared of doing bodypump tomorrow but I've got to keep this thing going! I plan to run before class as well tomorrow, more miles than today.

Thursday: Gentle yoga (will also run a short run - Ready, Set, Run! is on this day!)

Friday: Optional classes - 9:20 CXWorx 10:30 Zumba - so we'll see what I feel like. I'm thinking I'll want to do CXWorx again... but maybe I'll save it for next week and not do any classes Friday afterall.

Saturday: Longer run

I REALLY want to finally get back in a groove.
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