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The Shift Begins....

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

So with April starts my Paradigm Shift. My total shift in thinking about the way I am doing things.

Insanity, right? Why keep doing what isn't working.

I am done. So effing done. March ended with the scale reflecting the same number I started with. My measurements show a different story with a loss of 2.75 overall, which I am very happy with. I am going to track my body fat this month with my new toy.

I am making that total shift right now. This second. This very second.

I am no longer going to think in terms of weight loss, but rather ones of muscle building.

I am finding the farther I go into my own program the more I love it. I love the feeling of being s-o-r-e the next day to tell me that yeah, I worked those muscles. I love a program that doesn't promote endless hours of steady state cardio (oh how I loathe you!) but rather high bursts of intense workouts that don't hurt and I won't spend days wondering what I did to myself. I love a program that isn't toting the "eat less, move more" mentality. God, how many times have I heard that? Too many to count.

I am making a slight shift in my workouts. I am finding that the New Rules of Lifting for Women isn't overly conducive to the equipment I have at home. I checked out the NROL for Life at the library and am going to shift to that program. It is laid out quite a bit different but it is a whole lot more flexible and there are a lot more options for the workouts.

The jest of the program is a RAMP warm up that gets the body ready for the movements then each phase lasts 4 weeks for a total of 12 weeks. The first phase is laid out in workouts A and B which are to be done on alternating days (not back to back) and basically a matrix of workouts are laid out to be picked from based on ability and fitness level. I like it because I don't immediately feel this impending sense of doom that I have already maxed out what I have at home with the workouts, which is where I was with not even ending the first phase of NROL for Women. Each workout wants a core workout -- stability core and dynamic stability (woot! NO CRUNCHES!!! What a mindless and boring activity that is!!), Power (lower body on A day and upper body on B day), Strength (choices of a variety of squat, pushing, pulling, hinging, lunges and single leg stances) to be rotated on each workout and then a metabolic training, or a HIIT type workout for 5-10 minutes. It seems a bit more fast paced than the NROL for Women of lift for 15 reps, wait a minute, repeat. It basically is more of a do the workout, catch your breath and then move on. The thing I like about it is that it is laid out more for older lifers (it says midlife and well, I am 37 so not quite there, but it is getting closer by the day) and also for those who have been injured or are dealing with injuries which I fit in both of those categories with my shoulder and knees.

It sounds like a better fit for me.

Nutrition is going to be vastly different for me. Eating more sometimes, as strange as it sounds, is hard. I do find myself very hungry but get kind of lost on what to eat so I am finding creative ways to blend up my Syntha-6 into smoothies. Protein is my emphasis now. I am not demonizing carbs by any means and have no intention of eradicating them, I am finding that I am eating less of them, however. If I want popcorn with movie night, I am going to have popcorn. But I am working to get the bulk of my carbs from fruit. I guess I am making a subtle shift toward more of a paleo way of eating. I can't go full blown paleo but do like some of the concepts.

So with that, my inner rebel shouts out ENOUGH! Time for a change, a total shift in thinking. Dropping the scale and moving my thinking around completely.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • SINGER73
    I have faith that you will find the right balance for you. Working out harder definitely a good thing and focusing on protein is a great thing. emoticon
    2392 days ago
    I love this! I think a lot of us are facing the problem of slow scale movement. I know I was aggravated over the same thing for March. Not much movement on the scale but a 3.25 inch loss in my measurements, and that bothered me way more than it should've. I've decided to put more focus on ST and have cobbled together my own workouts based on the research I've done. It's always great to hear of someone else challenging themselves to be strong instead of skinny.
    2392 days ago
  • 02SERENE
    When I go to the gym, I do cardio, then upper or lower body on machines then I always end with 2 machines that target abs. My aim is to show up at the gym then I do this routine.

    I like how you explain your routine in your blog. emoticon emoticon emoticon

    2393 days ago
  • JUSTME29
    I'm so glad to see you so positive.
    2393 days ago
    WooHoo Amber. I am with ya! I'll continue with NRofLW since I just figured out my worksheets. LOL But if it gets stagnate and I feel I am not doing enough, I will check out the NRL. We are in brand new territory. Hopefully we can figure it out or we'll go down screaming together.
    2393 days ago
    I've done the same as you: shifted away from weight and towards building strength. Eating more feels strange...but I'm sticking with it.

    Hmmm I was debating whether to get NRLFW or NRLFL. I figured I better start with one of the earlier books in the series.

    Sounds like a great plan!

    2393 days ago
    I love the drop the scale idea....... the scale can make or break my day with the instantaneous flash of a number! There are certainly other forms of measurement to reflect success!!!!! Congrats for finding one you feel will work for you!
    2393 days ago
    That sounds interesting! NRoLFW does start out with high reps, but then the reps decrease and strength increases. But your training program sounds a lot more flexible. If I didn't have access to equipment at the Y, I don't know what I would do. And even later, I might have to bring in some equipment or something that they don't have.
    2393 days ago
    Such a great blog! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2393 days ago
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