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The husband and Sparkpeople

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

For a change this blog is not all about me. I keep coming back to a thread on the message boards, the husband and junk food: what a great topic.

When I started Sparking I found the food my DH liked to bring into the house really hard to resist, but I think that has changed now, permanently, I hope. DH would bring me a treat of a pinky bar or some chocolate or a creamy dessert or a pastry every day, because he loves me.

I asked him to bring me flowers instead, and he does.

Without making a big thing of it, I asked my DH to help me avoid eating triggers by mostly restricting his treats to his work and car as much as possible. He was happy to be considerate in that way and I became less bothered when he brought chocolate and treats into the house.

I also asked him, when he eats cakes and biscuits to put the containers away because I found seeing them on the bench or putting them away acted as triggers for me.

I suggested that if he wanted a Friday night bowl of chippies, he not buy my favorite brand, and he was happy to comply because then he didn't have to share (well, not so much, anyway).

I would tiptoe out of bed for my Saturday Zumba and come back with coffee for him and the paper. Now I come back and he has vacuumed the floor and loaded the dishwasher!
I invited him to join me on a regular pool date one night a week after work, and he agreed. I made healthy lunch for him when I was making my own lunch (and provided bags of biscuits and treats for him to take to work). Now he has asked me to stop with the treats.
I took over most of the cooking to make sure we had healthy food, and when I got tired of that, I asked him to cook the meat and I would make the salad. I asked him to make healthier food when he wanted to cook meals for us, and he does.

I mentioned how I was beginning to hate supermarket shopping and now we share.

I asked for his support when I started doing a hardcore diet plan so that sometimes we would cook separately and he has taken it up without a blink. He is happy to eat along with me and supplement with any extras he wants.
Guess what?
After more than a year, all at once, it's like someone flipped his switch.
He not only swims, he has joined the gym and has changed his eating and is losing weight hand over fist. I have to keep looking over my shoulder because he is catching me up!
He says I am his inspiration, he saw me putting my health first and working hard at healthy eating and getting out and exercising and enjoying it and resting when I need to and celebrating my success, and he wanted some of that.

It's a win win!

I love my DH, and

PS Yes pinky bars are a snack bar,

can't recall when I last had one, and biscuits are what we call cookies in NZ. Here's one of my favorites, I haven't had one all year!!!

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