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There is Fire in My Bones

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Sometimes I find it incredibly difficult to describe how wonderful I feel. I just want to take what I have found and single handedly place it inside of each and every person’s heart I come in contact with. HOW? I lament? WHEN? I howl. I am so bottled up! Dear God, I am like Jeremiah who announced, "But if I say, "I will not mention his word or speak anymore in his name," his word is in my heart like a fire, a fire shut up in my bones. I am weary of holding it in; indeed, I cannot." Jeremiah 20:9

It's like I am going to explode!!!

Has anyone ever felt like that about their God, their Savior Jesus Christ? MAN, OH, MAN I'M DYING HERE! It's like I can't even write fast enough. I need a stage, a large, enormous stage, where I can shout from one end of the earth to the other.

"Listen, all you inhabitants of the earth, I know that you feel as if God has been silent. Silent to your prayers, your utterings, your longings and deepest desires, but I am here to tell you, He has not. Rather, he is patient. He has been waiting and is slow to wrath. He desires that NONE would perish apart from knowing him personally. Not as you have heard from another, but as He truly is. As He says He is according to his precious Word. He is longsuffering and kind, holy and bold. There is none that you can compare God to, not a father, a mother, a sister, brother or friend. Not a foe, an abuser, a drunkard or the like. How can the uncreated one be compared? How can we search for his equal? We will all as one people come up short. This is because his beauty is incomprehensible, his ways are like nothing our hearts or minds could contain. He is the Great I AM. He is our Father of yesterday, today and forever.

Oh, how I love to proclaim the goodness of God. There is none like him. If I go to my bed at night and lie down and cry bitter tears, you are there. When I go to the store, and I know that the amount of money I have in my purse is not enough to cover my purchase, you are there. When my child lays sick and may die because doctors cannot figure out what is wrong with him or medicine is failing him, yeah, even then you are there. These is none like you, God, you are mighty and awesome and so worthy to be praised.

A generation has forgotten you Lord. A generation that did not understand the fullness of your glorious plan, a WHOLE generation forsook you, now they lead their children, their grandchildren to the depths of hell itself. No one would have imagined it Lord. The whole earth shudders. The whole land quakes in fear for the sins of our fathers. Oh God, be merciful to your people, you have preserved a remnant. There is none like you Lord, who shall we compare you too? You are like the finest wine, the richest dessert, the greatest pleasure we have ever experienced, but even that oh, God falls so short of your incomprehensible glory and majesty.

Why do we settle for imitations God? Why do we settle for less than the very best, than your very best. We are a chosen generation, a holy people, rise up Father, rise up from your throne, and show the kingdoms of this world your might. No one is like you God, I have searched the world over in hopes of finding one I could compare. Lord, it’s utter vanity to assume a human could replace you. Indeed you did send a human over 2000 years ago; you yourself came and were smitten for our rebellion. Led to the wilderness to suffer on our account, oh God, everything you did was without regard to your comfort or own personal pleasure. Instead you endured, you were beaten, and you were mocked for me. Thank you God, I will never forget. I will never stop singing your praises. You are so worthy to be praised so worthy to be magnified. Oh God do the work that only you can do.

Can I a mere man lead a nation to you? Can a man as much as I weep and cry out in desperation do anything apart from you? I know full well the answer to my question is no, and so I wait. Oh, God you are so longsuffering. You wait so patiently. When you strike, Lord, every man will cry because it is not the Lamb who comes, but the Lion of Judah. Who would want to wage warfare against a LION?

Lord, we will weep. We will cry because we will have missed everything you have so patiently tried to tell us. Lord, Jonah would not go to Nineveh. He was full of pride, but you loved him. You knew they would repent and so did he. He had the wrong idea, God, it was not your pleasure to kill the people! No, no far from it, it was always your good pleasure to redeem them. Even your prophet could not see God, but after three days in a great fish, he came around. Reluctantly he came around and preached. He was so upset for you sparing them even though they were so sorry towards you God. Why do your people, why does the church think it is a joke or some kind of game when it comes to eternal matters? Why are we so double minded and insecure?

Lord, I do not get it, I do not understand. All I see is a great division. I see many unsaved on one side. Many who are lost and hurting, who haven’t a clue that this man Jesus really, truly is God, and on the other hand I see the church. The ill fitted, ignorant church that is smug and satisfied with our filthy rags and unrepentant hearts. Why don’t we get it? Are we that close God? Are we divided as the virgins ten? Do we now see five who are ready and five who are asleep? Your secrets are leaking out Lord. Your people are awakening from their slumber. Soon enough Lord, judgment will come, but not like many expect.

Filling people with doom and gloom is not your style. The fullness of grace is upon us; soon you will draw your attention back to Israel. Soon your chosen people will be made aware of your great plan of salvation, and then what of us Gentiles, Lord? What then will you do with those of us who could not see? Would not see? Oh, God, please, please give us more time. I know that you are at the door. You are poised to open the last chapter of history. Our wickedness knows no bounds; our un-holiness is as great as the seas that surround our nation. Oh, God, what can one man do?

For the same of Sodom and Gomorrah, you said if there were but ten you would not destroy it, Abraham prayed on behalf of her inhabitants, but God you could not find even ten. Lord, are we to be compared? Has our wickedness become exponential in your sight? Jesus, will the people listen? If you sent someone would they even listen at this point? Lord, I know that time, all of time is in your hands. Lord, I also know that time is only a tool for here. Where you live time does not exist, but Lord, I must ask are we running out of time? Do you have a great plan for these last days? Oh, God, my gut tells me you do. That you have an amazing, astonishing plan, one that will rock the nations and bring forth the last great harvest.

Jesus, won’t you use me? Won’t you please allow me to taste of that harvest? Lord, nothing can be done apart from you, and nothing can be said or heard apart from you, so I pray. Father, may your perfect will be done here on earth as it is in heaven. Raise up your chosen ones, pop off the glory cap, Jesus. Your ways are perfect, there is none like you. So many times I sense you in the spirit putting a white robe on me, a sign of my righteousness before you, I hear you saying just a little longer, Rachel, just a little longer.

That image continues to fade Lord, and every month, week, even day I feel stronger that the time for robes coming off is upon us. It is time to awake, it is time to arise, it is time to take the place in the kingdom that is rightfully ours through Jesus Christ. I see the crowns Jesus, I see the garments, they are splendid and arrayed in the finest linen and gold. Your holy people are ready Jesus. Your remnant is crying out, let us go! Release us into our destiny so that the world may see you more clearly. The world may know you for who you are. We are here, Lord. We are awaiting your battle cry. Father, in a sense it is a game, a game called life. However, I am not much of a gambling woman, so my bets are always on you. You will have your way. You will have your final say. Jesus thank you for including me. Thank you for equipping me personally for such a time as this. Without you, I am nothing, but with you Lord, now that is quite a different story.

I will proclaim your beauty. I will proclaim your majesty. In a world of maddening spirits, in a world of demonic interference and possession on the rise even in the lightest areas of the world, Lord, you do and always will reign supreme. Open blind eyes, set captives free, send healing on the wings of doves, Jesus, love your people into wholeness. Lord, you know who they are, you have chosen then before the foundation of the world. Lord, strategically align them to receive from you, your promise, your inheritance, Lord, allow each to share fully in your glory just as you have always wanted. Thank you Father, thank you Jesus. So be it."
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Hi. WOW... : ) Like what hearing!
    1848 days ago
    HOW much caffeine have you had today? You're pretty wound up there, girlfriend! You already know I love that quote about Jeremiah! Grin. That's me, too.
    1849 days ago
    words spoken from your heart i am sure . How wonderful that you know the lord as well as you do . must have a strong foundation . that is so wonderful . I am blessed to know someone who has such a firm hold on who they are and what they stand upon . truth for all of us . I try to live by do no harm . thank you for telling us about your wonderful god . emoticon m emoticon emoticon emoticon m
    1849 days ago
    Oh, DITTO, sis! emoticon emoticon
    If You can use anything, Lord, You can use me!
    I'd love to take you on a mission with me! But we probably just have to wait to meet on the Other Side. Shel
    1849 days ago
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