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Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Yesterday, I might have gone a little crazy with the chart making. In order to make sure I stick to my April Goals
, I made this wonderful graphic on my tablet, which I carry along with me all day. You see, hanging my goals up on the fridge is one thing but I’m only there 3 days a week so they won’t stay fresh in my mind! This is so much better:

With my tablet, I can write on it and fill it out to keep me going. And then I got really crazy. How do I make sure I stay on track daily, not just monthly? Well, make a calendar of course!

I’m sure a meal planning chart is in the future but I had to stop playing at some point and get some of that school reading done. Actually, before that happened, I also go distracted by making a time accountability chart in Excel (on the tablet also).

You see, I feel like I just lose time and a friend suggested I keep track of my time in 30 minute blocks. Funny thing is that I’ve tried this before but it didn’t work. Then I realized, I never made it ahead of time! So I charted out my entire week, including appointments, classes, studying, meals, and work outs! I even added in my downtime for blogging and general entertainment.

I feel like this will be a great way to ensure that I stick to my workouts and my school work plan. I don’t like changing it - though I’m not running right now at 11AM on Tuesday because I skipped my “meals” block at 8:30 and was hungry after class. It was an easy fix though to rearrange it and the run is not just a little later in the afternoon! I feel so much better already! I actually love having a schedule and I think my “open” schedule was actually stressing me out because I didn’t know what to prioritize. Now that problem is solved! And being on my tablet also, I can look at it any time I’m wondering what is on my schedule

All pretty cool ways to stay organized! Oh and if you are wondering, I have the Samsung Note 10.1 Tablet and I love it (as you can tell!). I actually got it for school to take notes and keep my textbooks on, and it has been wonderful. Who knew it would provide so many extra perks! Maybe a full review is in order?

Anyway, be sure to keep an eye out here later. I’m hosting a 31 Party this month and you won’t believe what the special is (Ok I’ll tell you – it’s Gym Bags!!!). Be sure to check back for details and links!

emoticon What technology do you use to stay organized and on track? emoticon
I think a lot of us probably have the Spark People app on our cell phones. Just another way to keep a healthy life going!
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