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My plan?

Monday, April 01, 2013

Well, to say I fizzled out of the BLC is an understatement! I even missed the weigh in last week! UGH. I am not giving up - I have been doing what needs doing to some degree. I just haven't had the TIME. And I'm not using it as an excuse either. I literally am busy from the time I wake up until the time I go to bed these days! Makes it hard to get in any kind of a workout.

So - I am being diligent about certain things...and this is going to constitute my plan during the BLC break.

First - WATER! So important. I feel like garbage when I don't get in enough. I need a MINIMUM of 64 ounces a day. More is better.

Second - Fruits and veggies!! This is so huge! I don't even feel hungry enough to care about snacking when I'm getting my fill of freggies each day. This is something I have to be more consistent about and make a CONSCIOUS effort to eat at least 5 servings a day!

Third - That little old TEN MINUTES of exercise a day! And really mean it! I always say "minimum of 10 minutes a day", but secretly in my mind I know that really means more. NO! I need to trust myself that 10 minutes is okay - great even - and that it helps build consistency to do that little bit every day!

Fourth - Strength training!!! And it doesn't have to be a major thing - just do a quick 10 minutes! I need to do it and also track it so I can see results! (Holding a plank longer...lifting weight easier...etc.) I need to see the payoff of my work!

Fifth - YOGA! I am so good about doing it every night before bed.........until I am not so good at it anymore. It helps my legs feel good. It keeps me flexible. It helps me sleep through the night. And, believe it or not, I am able to relax! It is something that needs to be non-negotiable. It is not a big deal to I need to DO IT!!!

This is all stuff that I should be doing on a regular basis anyway. But I want to commit to these things during the BLC break, so that I have a jump start to the new BLC, and can push myself harder and actually meet my goals! :-)

I can do this!
~ Christa
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