Monday - survived travel and Dr appointmentsss...yes 3!

Monday, April 01, 2013

I am home and so tired I can hardly think so am headed to bed...but did well with food choices and ready to tackle it doubly hard tomorrow!

How are each of you ...will check on everyone in the morning. Hugs

I wanted to explain why this picture fit me yesterday...I rode three hours each way to the Dr Visits in a van ... like the bear, i was thankful for something to ride so i did not have to "swim" or drive the distance ...but it was also not the most comfortable ride in the world. Just thankful that I had the option as it would have been a two or three day effort if i had to drive it myself or DH take a day away from his farming which is really busy right now. So be thankful for your little icebergs that get you where you need to go even if not in luxury!!
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