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April Plan

Monday, April 01, 2013

It's that time again where I make my new month plan!

March wasn't really my month. I only lost 4.3 lbs. I know a lot of it is because I'm getting closer to my goal weight. I have now lost 77 pounds and have 23 to go. I've lost about 12 inches in my waist. I'm continuing to get stronger everyday. I'm not perfect and I made food mistakes all the time. I constantly want to snack and have to tell myself no. I am always tweaking my food choices and trying to incorporate new foods. I recently started eating carrots and hummus for my morning snack. Since I work two jobs I have to find time to eat between jobs and continue to make healthy choices. I recently cut my calories back again, so I can continue to lose weight.

One of my accomplishments is that I've been soda free for 6 months. I never thought I would do that.
I recently hit my one year anniversary of this healthy journey.

Cardio plan-
Elliptical- High resistance. Every two minutes up the resistance until 10 and then gradually go back to 5 and back up to 10.
Stairmaster- Level 9
Treadmill- Continue working on my 5k time and continue to strive for 5 mile runs.
Bike- incorporate back into routine.

April strength training
Day 1-
A- Sag stopper with band (15), Bust a move with band (15), Cleavage kickback with band (15)
C- Belly crunch, half boat, leg climber, revolved ab.
L- clamshell (15), Booty lunge, Pretzel lift

Day 2-
A-Single arm kickback Kneeling tricep tap Close grip chest press
C-Mermaid with a twist Coordination with ball Footwork
L- Reverse lunges , Tip Top Squat Bicycle buffer

Day 3-
A- Squat and overhead Front arm raises arm up high, plank front raises
C-Reverse plank leg lift double leg stability ball pass
L- Plank side leg lift then back leg lift, Roundhouse kick squat

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