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Man was I hungry today!

Monday, April 01, 2013

So today was great...actually an ideal day.

I clambered out of bed, showered up and made some breakfast. I thought about having a bowl full of cantaloupe and some yogurt, then laughed at myself and grabbed 3 chocolate bunny rabbits leftover from Easter and wolfed them down with can of Pepsi. Just what I needed to make it through a day full of meetings!

As I waited in line at Starbucks for my Grande Americano, I noticed that the fruit cup was more expensive than the cheese danish and the toffee bar combined. Well I know a bargain when I see one so the big decision I had to make was whether to eat the toffee bar first or AFTER the danish. I'll let you imagine what I chose ;>)

I forgot to bring my lunch from home, so I went out to eat with some of the folks in my front office. I watched the idiots around me order the salad, but I knew the lasagna was especially well-prepared here.....hell I might even get seconds on the garlic bread! It was alright, the lasagna was a little salty, so I grabbed a couple of Twix bars on my drive back to work to balance out my palate.

I got pretty busy in the afternoon, but had a hankering for ribs around 3:00, so I asked my front office assistant to run out and buy me a pick-me-up rib basket. But I only got a half rack (I was pretty full after lunch, but this was some mean BBQ!) and I decided to be good and skipped the potato salad and baked beans....just had the coleslaw (veggies) and corn bread (veggie AND low carb!)....I think I probably saved 100 calories choosing wisely and having a diet coke instead of regular. I'll use those savings to have something special after dinner tonight.....

I finished my last meeting and lo and behold my secretary had brought in some Cadbury caramel filled Easter never ends! They were great.....between the 2 of us we cracked every one of those bad boys with our muscular teeth! It was a little too much chocolate though, so I swung by the snack bar for some potato chips to get something salty back on my taste buds. Mmmmm.

I had a weight lifting session scheduled today, but I felt I deserved a break so I cancelled and called SWMBO up and asked her if she wanted to go out to dinner. She had baked some tilapia and stir fried some veggies, but I told her to save it for later or stuff it in the trash, we should do something special like Mexican or try out that new Chinese Buffet that opened up (Big Chow) down the road. (I didn't feel like Italian after those two servings of lasagna at lunch anyway).

Well the buffet was fantastic! You really do get your money's worth at these places, but you have to plan it out right. Like don't fill up on the green beans or soup on your first plate or you may not get around to sampling everything they lay out like the sweet and sour pork or extra crispy chicken wings. And don't waste time on the peel & eat shrimp, you can get those anywhere. I recommend the crab in cheese sauce or some salmon rangoons (the good thing is these probably have like 10 less calories than egg rolls.....I just wish I could stop after eating only 4....sigh)

Afterwards, since it was so nice out, we walked over to the Marble Slab Creamery and had a family ice cream night. I really like how they work the ice cream so hard on that cold slab, and they take the time to make REAL WAFFLE CONES, not the fake plasticy kind you get at Baskin Robbins. And the scoops they give you are twice as big as anywhere else. Talk about getting your money's worth! I admit, I cheated and had them sprinkle on some Jimmies, but it was a special night out for all of us and again I deserved something special, it had been a busy week right?

As I sit and finish up this blog, I had a real hankering for some Peanut Butter. What a great food idea! But, I'm only using a teaspoon this time, not a tablespoon as usual. I think that actually helps me lose weight because I use more energy with that reality, I'm expending 3 times more calories to get the same amount of peanut butter....I read that somewhere.

Then Holy Christ I woke up and found myself drenched in a cold sweat still back in my bed this morning, no sweatpants in sight.....The ghost of April Fools past must have visited me late into the night!

Today, I chose the opposite of everything I wrote about here.....I ate well, I lifted weights, and I thought about where I wanted to be tomorrow and a year from now. But the choices, the desires, the temptations, and worst of all, the excuses and rationales are always there.

Have a great night Spark friends!
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