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Don't Be Fooled

Monday, April 01, 2013

It's April Fool's Day -if you didn't already know-lol. It is ok to to play a prank on someone-in fun,but I started thinking about how important it is that we do not fool ourselves.

Webster's Dictionary definition of a fool is a person with little or no judgment, common sense, wisdom. As we strive to live healthier lifestyles we have to be careful not to be foolish-to learn from our experiences & those who have been successful & to use common sense.

Here are seven ways we might be fooling ourselves ...

7. It's possible to lose weight my own way.

Whether it's a pill, a cream, or a piece of chintzy electronics, anything that is purported to have miraculous powers of weight loss is almost certainly bogus. "People want a miracle cure," says Beranbaum, "but there isn't one." "Losing weight and keeping it off is hard," he says. "The people who are successful have to work at it and will likely have to continue working at it for the rest of their lives. The quick, easy fixes do not work."
According to our experts, the truth -- as boring as it may be -- is simple. The only way to lose weight is to modify your diet, and to exercise so that you burn more calories than you eat. It's not as easy as smearing on an ointment or clipping on an electric stimulation belt. But at least it works.

6. I'm too busy to take care of myself.

Reality: we make the time for what we want. Unfortunately, short-term convenience drowns out what we consciously know we need to do.

5. I'm too busy to prepare healthy meals.

Reality: there's a wide variety of meals one can make, eat and clean-up in less than five minutes.

4. I love food too much to maintain a healthy diet.

Reality: you'll need to learn to love your aches, pains, and related symptoms related to your love affair of unhealthy foods.

.3. My family won't support me when I try to eat healthy.

Reality: your family will miss you more when you're dead due to a heart attack, stroke or accident related to weight-related illnesses.

2. I've failed too many times in the past why bother now.

Reality: Each day offers a fresh start to try something new. Cut yourself some slack here! Each day we grow a bit wiser (hopefully)! Engage your wisdom to learn from past lessons. Learning from our history vaccinates us from having to learn that lesson again.

1. I'm just not worth the effort.

Reality: Release any sense of low self-esteem and you will find it easier to what it takes to enjoy better health!

The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance, the wise grows it under his feet.
--J. Robert Oppenheimer

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