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Two Non-Scale Victories!

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Monday, April 01, 2013

Today is day 41 of my current streak!

Two NSV's to report today! The first was when I was getting dressed this morning. I live in yoga pants and t shirts....together with a bandana to hold my hair back, I call it my "Warrior Gear."

Anyway, I'm a little behind in doing laundry, so when I was reaching into the wardrobe to get a pair of yoga pants this morning, the pickings were slim! All of my favorite yoga pants were in the hamper, so I dug in to the very back of the drawer and pulled out a pair of pants that were way too small for me a few months ago. I figured they'd still be too small, but maybe not AS small as before. So I tried them on...and they fit! Perfectly! Non-scale victory number one for today! I felt quite proud of myself for being able to wear them.

Then as I was in the kitchen fixing my breakfast (steel cut oatmeal, poached egg, 2 clementines and some green tea) hubby came into the room and the first thing he said was "Wow, look at those hamstring muscles!" He could actually see my leg muscles through my yoga pants! So that was non scale victory number two!

I have to admit, I'm really quite proud of my lower body. Its where I've seen the most progress and improvement. My upper arms are still too big, and there is still plenty of jelly in my belly, lol. But my legs and bum have really firmed and toned, and they are strong! My hubby weighs 175 lbs, and I can give him piggy back rides! (Hee hee, we tried it one day just to be funny, although he would probably be embarrassed that I am telling you about it!)

My birthday is at the end of this month, and I will be 52, but I can honestly say that I don't feel my age. I feel so much younger now, and I know its because I have made healthy eating and exercise an important part of my life. When I first started streaking a year ago, my main focus was on getting healthy. Of course I wanted (and needed) to lose a lot of weight, but I knew if I just did my best to be healthy, the weight loss would take care of itself. I've lost 71 lbs, and I've gained stamina, energy, strength, flexibility and self esteem. My blood pressure has gone down and I no longer have to take medication for it. I even sleep better! I'm healthier now than I've been in at least 15 years. And that is the biggest non-scale victory of all!

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