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STOP - YES, stop thinking in terms of self-discipline and control

Monday, April 01, 2013

Shocking thoughts - can you imagine telling yourself to STOP exercising self discipline and self control??? This was one of the messages from the meditations that I have been doing. I have been struggling to get my head wrapped around those ideas but the more I thought, the more it started to make SENSE. Now, I need to write about it and see if I can articulate how it makes sense to me and FOR me.

So often we struggle, hate ourselves, beat ourselves up, and otherwise get pretty negative and judgmental toward ourselves especially with regard to eating and exercise. The result of those negative thoughts and actions is pretty immediate and long lasting - we start to crave unhealthy foods, to feel like failures, to give up. We may binge, or skip our exercise plans, or just feel miserable. How does THAT help us? It doesn't. Since that is not productive, and doing the same things we have been doing does NOT produce the results we want, maybe it is time to make some changes and see how THEY work.

What are these drastic changes that are suggested? They suggest focusing on creating an environment that makes it EASY, NATURAL, and FUN to make healthy choices of food, exercise (lets call it PLAY or FUN though instead of exercise), and EASY instead of HARD.

The question then becomes HOW do we do this AND still have results that we want?

The trick is to have healthy food easily available - visible - attractive - delicious.

Also to make the meals we eat a part of a complete experience - enjoying and savoring our food, slowly chewing, tasting, smelling, and experiencing our flavors, colors, textures, etc. Sitting at the dinner table, setting the table, using a tablecloth or placemats that are attractive, lighting candle(s), playing music, enjoying the company and fellowship of others we love and care about. In general making the EXPERIENCE of food a complete sensual, enjoyable experience - not a hurried, grab it and go experience.

The same is true of exercise - a date to walk with a friend or swim with others has the same EXERCISE benefits of EXERCISE but count as FUN, pleasure. Find ways to have FUN to RELAX.

Make your life a whole cohesive environment that makes us WANT to make healthy choices both of food and exercise.

Rest, meditation, and relaxation are all integral parts of a healthy life and when all of it comes NATURALLY and EASILY it CAN BE FUN. We don't have to whip ourselves into making appropriate choices - we do it because it is comfortable and easy to do.

I have really enjoyed the meditations and think they will enrich my life.

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