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Monday, April 01, 2013

I've noticed a declining trend in my energy levels the last week or so. I've also noticed an increasing trend in my stress levels, and in my "less than optimal" food intake...I'm reasonably sure the three are related, so I'm thinking through how to tackle them...

There's (unfortunately) not a ton I can do about the source of the stress (this is my busy season at work, it's not going away). We also just bought a house, so between now and May, I'm signing my income away for the next 30 years, and packing all my worldly possessions into boxes. That's awesome and all, but it's also going to be stressful.

So not a ton I can do to eliminate stress, but I can do a LOT on the "how to deal" side. I have already been doing AWESOME at not resorting to a diet consisting solely of pizza delivery and beer. So I'm going to go ahead and pat myself on my back for that right there! But considering how awesome I feel when I make the effort to eat really cleanly (no added sugar, minimal grains, tons of veggies, good meat, and healthy snacks), I'm going to say that sticking to my nutritional guns is just about the best thing I can do for myself for the next month.

With my decline in energy, I've also seen a decline in my workout frequency. Well, that's not entirely accurate. I've been going for short walks (thanks to gym pact, I've finally gotten it through my head that I pretty much have to do something 4 days a week, and a 30 minute walk is the path of least resistance). But my workouts have been rather blah. You know when you totally phone it in...on paper you worked out, but you don't feel all that awesome for it? Yeah, that's been my workouts last week, and a little before even, I think. I'm not too worried about this because I do have a lot of demands on my time, and I know coming up with an elaborate workout schedule is only going to stress me out. But I think I need to make sure that each workout is worth the time invested, you know? So instead of phoning it in, I'm going to go for variety...this week, I'm going to a yoga class, a bike ride, and a weights class. All of these are things I enjoy, and all of them are "worth the time". For my 4th workout, I'm hoping to talk myself into a walk/jog session, but if it's just a walk, I think I'm OK with that, too. Even with one walk, my week will be 100% more diverse, exercise-wise, than the previous!

Between the varied workouts and the reset on good nutrition, that should give me a really good "dealing with stress" base, and mitigation is about all I can do about that anyhow!
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    Sorry I'm so late on commenting...for some reason your blogs don't show up in my friend feed. Anyways...congrats on the house!!!!!! That's super exciting and yes a super crazy stressful time. I think you have a great plan though with focusing on the things that you can control. How did this last week go with your plan? I hope you aren't to hard on yourself during this stressful period in your life. Be kind to yourself and do things you really enjoy!
    2791 days ago
    Congrats on the house! That's awesome, Shannon.

    I'm sorry about the lack of energy(me too), and super stress on you. I know you will figure out how to balance everything though!
    2797 days ago
    Bummer about the stress. Hope the walks and healthy eating help!

    2797 days ago
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