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April 1st - Back, with an odd new motivation!

Monday, April 01, 2013

So, it's another month, and another start for me (purely co-incidental; it just happens to be the first day of a week I have to myself during the school holidays!)

It's also the first day of a bad cold, so I won't be doing much. This includes measurements; I well NOT be doing those today as I am fricking freezing and there's no way I'm stripping off my jumpers to do them! However, I'm fairly sure I've gained weight; my wii fit says I've gained 1lb "since last time" and I don't remember how much I gained between that last weigh-in and the one before that. But suffice to say, I've slipped a little.

That's ok; I tend to do that. I officially watch myself for a while, then I slip, then I get back to it. However, this last few times I've slipped, I've slipped less and less. For instance, this last few weeks I've been buying fewer pork pies and cornish pasties for lunch, and more chicken sandwiches. I've been having less cheesy pasta's and more stir-fries, and I've been watching the sugar content of the sauces I've used. I've been drinking more diet coke, less full fat, and more water, less diet coke. In short, I've slipped, but I've maintained a few more healthy habits. Sadly, working out hasn't been one of them.

Since I'm ill, I'm not going to do a huge amount today and probably little or nothing tomorrow. However, I will be doing something I've tried and failed to do repeatedly for a few months, because it's not a proper workout, but it's too active for a lazy day; I'll be doing the tutorial on my newest bellydance workout DVD. I know many of the basic moves and am comfortable with dance in general, but my newest DVD features a new woman who has her own way of moving, and I need to get familiar with her routines before I can really do the work-out. I'll be attempting this tonight.

I've also found a strange new motivator; sewing. I love clothes and fashion (though I'm possibly one of the least fashionable people in the world) and love crafts, so dress-making is a natural leap from these two points. However, I have one top that I made in a skinny phase, which is a size 12-14. The top is long gone, but I wanted to re-make it. However, this is impossible since the pattern has been cut for 12-14; the 16-18 measurement are no longer on it, and so I have to slim down, or re-buy the pattern. That's my new goal; not necessarily just to get into that pattern again, but to never again have to re-buy or slim into a pattern; to reach a stage in my life where I only lose or maintain my weight, to not go up another dress-size (unless it's for a short-term reason like pregnancy, injury, etc.) Let's see how it goes huh?

Finally, another good choice; I found myself with a little free money this morning and with it I bought my breakfast this week; 1 galia melon, 2 mango's, 3 passion fruits and 4 kiwi's (costing a total of £4.50) to be eaten every morning with yogurt, honey and sunflower seeds. Yummy!

Anyways, off to rehearse the bauch tanze :-) TTFN
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