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Getting Ready for Spring Challenge Recap

Monday, April 01, 2013

This was my first challenge on SP and I am going to miss being a part of it. It made me accountable to a team, provided tons of encouragement and motivation and was a great help in tracking my progress! I only hope I can continue my success without the consistency of the challenge!

For this last day of the challenge, I am supposed to look back on my goals and consider my next steps.

Goal 1 was to lose 15 pounds during the challenge. I exceeded that by 11 pounds. 26 total pounds lost and I am thrilled! I know that every week I want the scale to change faster, but when I look at the numbers and consider how long I've been working at this, I can only be proud of my accomplishment.

Goal 2 was to consistently work out (4-5 times a week) which I was successful with except for one week when I was sick. I was definitely getting more lax about gym time right before I got sick, so I know that is something I have to continue to work on and be mindful about because it is definitely not coming naturally to me yet.

Goal 3 was to drink my water and get sleep. I have been really good about going to bed early (even last night when my mom was visiting and I wanted to stay up later) and getting up early. I think this is becoming a much more engrained part of my life, with really good outcomes. My mood seems to be stabilizing and I'm not as sad as often.

The biggest change of this challenge hasn't even been the stuff involving the gym and weight. I have worked hard to get my life straightened out in all areas, not just my health. I'm working on a budget for myself, keeping my apartment looking nice, taking care of dirty dishes right away, doing the household chores more regularly and that feels really good. I feel like I've grown up a lot in the past few months, and my family seem to agree with that assessment. It just feels good.

The second step with regards to my goals is to consider my next steps. I feel like drinking water and making sleep a priority are things that can come off my "goals" lists because I don't see myself changing those behaviors. My new goals are:

1. Lose 14 pounds before June 15.
2. Do cardio workout six days a week.
3. Walk my first 5K in May. I need to be training for this!
4. Run/Jog in second 5K June 15.

These are good places to start again, right?

My final part of the challenge is to write a true description of myself as I am today. I need to include at least 7 good/positive/nice attributes (I guess I am pretty hard on myself regularly).

First, here are the 7 nice/positive things:
1. Very Loyal
2. Lifelong Learner
3. Contagious laugh
4. Caring Teacher
5. Reliable
6. Improving every day
7. Cute haircut! :)

7 Things was much harder than I thought it should be. I try not to judge myself according to my weight or body, so it's easier to find attributes that involve other characteristics.

I am 33 years old, a daughter, sister and friend. I am a very loyal, dependable person who loves to stay organized, learn new things and read anything I can get my hands on. I am single without kids and am spending my time right now focusing on my health, my education and becoming the person I want to be. My future is becoming brighter every day and I cannot wait to meet someone and fall in love, but I want to be the best me I can be before that happens. I work with college students, teach math and love my job!

I always forget how hard it is to describe myself. The truth is that I see a lot that I still want to change and improve when it comes to me (weight, habits, mindset, self-talk) but I also am trying to take the time to appreciate how far I have come since December 30th, 2012. I have lost 36 pounds, gotten into the habit of eating healthy and going to the gym. This is the longest streak I've had when it comes to changing my lifestyle, and I'm super confident about the future!

Happy Monday everyone!
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