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Sunday, March 31, 2013

So I went to the new gym on Friday evening for my wellness challenge and we discussed how I could up my exercise regime and make sure I'm working on everything I need to so that I'm successful. I'm working out the schedule tonight, but it boils down to five to six days of cardio (making sure I'm doing interval training), two days of strength, two days of flexibility and a lot of stretching. I'm also supposed to give myself a rest day, but it's okay to walk the dog that day. So I'm trying to figure out the hows and whens I can get all of this in and not burn myself out. Then we went onto several weight machines (they are computerized to remember your settings, and then remember what you do, it's really cool). We sent on all of the machine, mostly upper body and core, one for the legs, since most of my cardio is all leg and little upper body. These machines also make sure you are not using momentum and work through the entire range of motion. It's kind of fun. I hurt a lot yesterday and a bit today, but will be back at that tomorrow.

I have rededicated myself to moving forward. I've meal planned, adding some new recipes, and am going to make sure I stay on track. She and I discussed my basal metabolism, which is in the 1425 range, so my calorie range as prescribed by SparkPeople is right on!

I will check in with all of you wonderful people who've been so positive and encouraging weekly and let you know how it's going. I hope to lose about 10 pounds during those 12 weeks. I know I'll look tighter and more toned and will feel even better, and of course, with more muscle, will burn calories more efficiently. Now, if I could only add three more hours per day and an extra couple of days (sigh)...
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