BLOG 2 and the best day in a lonnnng while

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Slept a bit better, as I mentioned in my previous blog. We went out to breakfast and the restaurant we normally go to was closed, so ended up at a dif. one. Was so nice for a change, tad more $ but nt bad and great taste and fantastic service - what a super friendly young man.
Then we went to lisas with the dog and visited, left Allie there to play and went to Chris and Annas. They were out in the yard, and kids were having a ball. Little Eva so tiny and petite and studious, was checking out her juice box. Thomas was blowing bubble. LOOK NAN PEPE OH PEPE look bubbles. lol. so they played and then I asked Thomas do you want to go for a walk. SURE I said go ask pepe. He gets hubby come on pepe lets go walking. So sure enough we 3 went around the block. OH the best fun. had to look down every drain at the water.. had to say WOW blue car my favorite, oh wow ar red car my favorite. LOOK snow. Look garbage lol he had a ball, ahd to walk on the curb and do a little tune. whenw e got back ds said he holds both his hands and walk on the curb singing circus music. lol They flew a kite in teh back yard, and threw a parachute man up in the air. I so enjoyed myself. and no pain well a bit well no not really only when walking adn helping him on the curb so hubby held his hand.
Got a pic of him with hubbys hat on. But eva had gone down for a nap so no pic of her today.
Then went back to dd and got allie, she is asleep on deck, hubby layig in his chair - most he has walked in ages, well last night around block with allie and today a bigger block with Thomas. I am still mostly pain free some pain in my L foot and so itchy. still can't figure the itch.
Our godson whom we barely know as we moved just before he was born, is in the city at university and called today asking if we were busy. None too swift and am going to mention to him if he wants to come over let me know a few days ahead. he did teh same thing for his birthday, the day of and we were busy. Anyway said we were having a roast dinner tomorrow so he is coming over. Told dad we were having co aloang with him. WHO grouchy, said our godson didnt knw you had one. lol
So now to tidy and figure a bit more for supper. thats okay. Good for Eric to visit, and will put us back in the good books with his parents, cos afte we didnt invite him over or go out with his on his bday, his parents hae stopped texting and meeting up when in town. Whatever.. he is 21 not 17. anwyay
Going to go get supper started, then start the job of garbage day tomorrow. gather all the paper, plastic, cardboard has to be tied together, do dads and then hubby takes it all out. lol Okay so thankful this easter, had limited pain, spent time with my kids, mur got outside and walked to boot and just feel great. So happy lol I could cry! lol well better than eating. and btw the 90% choc bar that I did buy is only got 1 block out of it. and even though it isnt sweet at all, I ddint enjoy it much either. Theres hope for me yet!

Here is Thomas with pepes hat as his head was "cold pepe" lol

Allie and her sister Zuri allie is sitting down with the treat

and allie looking more at the camera
they look very similar only allie is bigger
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