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Such a horrible disappointing day......

Sunday, March 31, 2013

I dont even know where to begin with my day. Started out fine then went to my mother in laws and i Love my mother in law and the stress didnt come from her at all. It was my children. My son who is usually the one who bounces off of the walls and gets into trouble with his attitude was good. It was my daughter! My daughter isnt my husbands child so there is only relation by marriage for her with these people aside from her brother of course. So my daughter gets an easter basket from my mother in law and my daughter wasnt happy with what she got and just tossed stuff on the floor as she took it out of the basket like she didnt even appreciate what my mother in law had gotten her! OMG that made me so angry. Her attitude continued the entire time about EVERYTHING. She was spoken to every single time too. We got in the car to go home and all she did was pick fights with her brother about the littlest things. she didnt like where he had his foot so she complained. Needless to say I am taking everything in her room and putting it into garbage bags and put into the basement until my greedy ungrateful child can appreciate what she has! I was always grateful with what i got as a child because we didnt get much. Thats the difference with my childhood and my childrens they have WAY more stuff than i ever thought about owning! Her father doesnt help the situation any by buying her everything she wants and I am guilty too on occasion. But this has got to stop! this is where my stress comes from is how my children act. Oh then my son started in with his attitude when we got home because i was trying to change his clothes.....yea lots of stress today. Going to be going for a run later though to clear my mind and relieve some of this stress. The food is calling me oh so badly but running is a better choice. Hoping this day gets better. And hope everyone had a good holiday.
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  • OTEN36
    I hope all turned out well and you are able to break away for some time to yourself. That is the important thing. Get yourself back into one piece. Then deal with the rest.
    I'll be thinking about you and sending prayers.
    1846 days ago
    My son is 5 and my daughter is 8. she has been part of this family since she was 10 months old. believe me im trying to teach them but its a non stop situation with both of them. My son is currently removed from school and receiving tutoring from the district. Theres lots going on.....trying to take it one day at a time. its harder with my daughter because she lives with her father so i have no control over what she does over there. i know some of the way they react is because of me and the way i react. Im working with a doctor for my son because of his ADHD and explosive inflexible childhood disorder...we think and some other stuff. so everything at this point is a work in progress. Just needed some place to vent my frustration.

    I also went for a little run this afternoon to workout some of my anger unfortunately it was a short one because it started raining. Thanks for the advice. :)
    1846 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    Sounds like it is time for a garage sale!! Use the $$ for somebody who has nothing, like no food, no underwear, needs medicine or bus tokens.
    Some kids I babysat were like that, so their mom emptied their closets except five outfits and their undies,,even took a few pairs of shoes!! She made them put it out in the front yard and sell it,, they had to pick somebody to give the money to that needed it. Church came first, then some kids at their school,anonymously.. They and to wear the same clothes a couple times a week and mom made them do the laundry,,
    These kids were 5, 7, 9 years old. Years later, they told us that they realized what they did and were glad somebody else got something from their selfishness.

    I do not know how old your kids are, but could it have been hormones with your daughter? Either that or she senses her different relation t the in laws and wanted attention..
    I agree with busygranny,, lessons to be learned here..
    wonder how D would feel if MIL tossed things on the ground that SHE gave MIL? Good luck and go for that walk!

    1846 days ago
    I hope you are able to put this into perspective and NOT allow these events with your daughter/son to turn this BLESSED day into a "horrible disappointing day..." They will learn from you and how you react to their behavior.... this could be a great teaching moment... think of the REAL lesson you want your children to learn! Blessings to you!
    1846 days ago
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