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An Easter Day poem from The Carpenter's friend, The Handyman!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

The true cause for Easter Joy!

Every year, we're reminded, on Easter Day,
God sent his son, to take, our sin away!
He was hung on a cross, which was originally reserved for me,
He accepted my punishment, paying with His life, which was the fee!
To buy back my heart, and turn me around,
So that for eternity, I wouldn't just lie in the ground!
Because of what He had done, God has lifted me up,
He no longer sees my sin, because Jesus' blood, has covered it up!
Now in each day, as I walk through this life,
I remember his gift, and throw off my troubles and strife!
You see because Jesus did die, and was laid in a tomb,
Then God raised him up, so in our heart, there would be room.
To learn of His grace, and know of His love,
to keep me safe and warm, like under the wing of a dove!
As I've notice this light, and love growing in me,
I look in the mirror, an wonder who it is that I do see?
The person I was is starting to change,
My focus and goals, have all begun to rearrange!
Instead of just me, I consider you too,
How I can love and keep from felling blue?
I understand now, just what was His plan,
He gave me His love so I could learn how to stand!
He has given me His heart at the price of His Son,
So that with us, we could experience The One.
He has all the answers and knows what to do,
The God of creation came to live inside of me, and inside of you!
Not be ruler and place us under his thumb,
Be to love and be with us, is why he did come!
So now on this very Special Easter Day,
I Remember His gift, and say thanks when I pray!
It's because of Jesus, God's gift was given, to answer our plea,
This love that is of God, now lives here, with you and in me!

Why are eggs given for Easter?
They represent new birth!
Egg shells are evidence that the life God placed inside has come out!
What happens if you set and egg down on solid ground, they roll away!
What's the difference between, chicken's and Jesus? He wasn't a chicken!
Why are there Easter Baskets with fake hay/grass. It represents the manger in which the fragile baby Jesus was laid!
The grass in which the egg is laid represents the verse that says, the Lord makes me lie down in green pastures!
Just like Jesus was laid in the manger in a stable where animals were keep, A chicken's eggs are laid in a similar setting!
Eggs don't require a rooster to be created, they are made because the creator decided that they would be!
If a rooster is the father of a baby chic, then the egg given by God's decision is food for man! , Just as Jesus was given to be food for man's spirit!
What color is the yoke of an egg, it's the color of the Sun. (Son)
What provides what is necessary for a baby chic to grow, the clear egg white!
What provided Jesus with the necessary guidance so that man could be nourished, the invisible Holy Spirit!
An egg also represents the trinity!
The white outer shell is solid and represents the Father who protects the child which has life in the Father!
The egg white represents the Holy Spirit that gave life to the Son and Nurtured Him into the Man He became here on earth!
The yoke represents the Son who bore the yoke of humility amongst man that His life could be sacrificed that man might eat of it and have life!
During an egg hunt, children race to the eggs to find them just like the disciples that race to the tomb. The first one gets to find the treat that was left behind by the provider!
Plastic eggs are colored representing the colors of the flowers in the garden where Jesus' tomb was, and can be opened and closed just like the stone on the tomb allowed it to be opened and closed.
The treats inside provide joy to the finder. Instead of finding what is typically in an egg, (the tomb) they find a far greater gift that again was experienced by the disciples!

I'm sure there are many more connection that can be made but these are just the ones that flew out off of the top of my head!

So enjoy Easter my good friends and may you be blessed that even though the secular world believes that the Easter bunny has stolen the show, God is still in control!

Enjoy Your Easter, don't beat yourself up if you indulge a little more than your strict plan allows. It's about your average, not about a single day or single meal! Receive God's Grace and Thank Him for your bounty as it is His wish for you to enjoy life and not be burdened by it!
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    Thanks for your Easter thoughts. I really appreciated your blog.
    2935 days ago
    And thanks for this post. I greet you in the name of our risen Lord!
    2937 days ago
    Beautiful! Thank you for sharing. Happy Easter to all!
    2937 days ago
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