Easter eggs

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Yesterday was such an excellent say to have half a day off. It was so nice out. I went to the gym and did my strength training and then I went out bike riding. While I was out, I decided to stop at the bike shop and have them reset my odometer. Part of me would like to keep my total miles on it, but the part of me that would like to see my yearly total miles easily won out. So last year I rode my bike 1640 miles. This year I need to beat it. 23 isn't a bad start considering it's not even April yet. I hope things work out with Dan. I think it would be fun to ride my bike to his house in Canada. I mapped it out and it would probably take me about 5 hours or so. Once I get back to riding regularly, that would probably be a really fun ride.

Speaking of Dan, I still haven't heard from him. I'm holding out. And I don't know if it's a mistake - I have no idea what he's thinking. I'm currently assuming the worst and figuring that he probably prefers having no contact with me. But what if he's holding out too... seeing how long I can keep quiet?

I really miss him. But for some reason, I think I just need to lay low. I screwed up and I don't know how else to fix it.

Tomorrow is Easter. I've been doing really well with my meal plan! I even spent the night at my parents house last night and ended up hanging out over there for most of the day today. I brought over my meals, the same way I take them to work, and I stuck right to them. I got up before everyone else in the house and ate breakfast before they were all out of bed. Then Dad made bacon and french toast and I was ever so slightly tempted, but I wasn't hungry, so it was pretty easy to pass. I do love me some bacon.

But tomorrow is going to be different. Mom is making Easter dinner, basically for lunch. I don't know everything that will be involved, but there will be ham, and there will be homemade mac and cheese, and I'm sure there will be biscuits. And I've already seen the pineapple upside down cake. Luckily, I have no interest in that at all. But I will be having everything else. I'm bringing my salad spinner and I'm going to do my best to fill up on salad so I don't overdo the other dishes. Everything in moderation. It will be okay.

I'm already thinking of what I want my Halloween costume to be, and I think I'd like to be able to make it myself. Otherwise, I'd probably have to pay an arm and a leg to have it made for me. I'll also need some serious boots which could be REALLY expensive, unless I figure out a way to cheat and make them. In any case, my next goal is to learn how to sew better and make a sweet costume on my own. I want to be able to make quilts too. I've always wanted to knit as well. But one thing at a time, and I know this costume is going to be elaborate and a lot of work, so the sooner I get started, the better. The only problem is, I'm kind of hoping that I won't be wearing the same size clothes in October that I'm wearing now. So for now, I'm going to try to learn a good foundation and build up to working on the costume. By the time I'm ready to start the costume, I'm hoping I'll have a better idea of sizing.

Well, Happy Easter everyone! Here are our fancy eggs that we decorated this morning.

Every year we make a "Poo Poo Egg" which basically is the last egg we dye, and we put it in all the colors. I usually just decorate and my brother does the dyeing, but this year I wanted to make the "Poo Poo Egg". The swirly egg in this picture is what I made. Mom said we can't call it that this year because its too pretty.

And this guy is another one of my favorites. he's like a crazy shark. I'm really happy with how he turned out.

My mom is the only one who will eat the eggs, but we sure do love decorating them. It was quite a process. I worked on them for about 3 hours, but I started before everyone else and I colored that last one. Of all of our family traditions that we've stuck to just because it's tradition, this is one of them that I really enjoy and will be sad when we don't do it anymore.
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