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20 things about me..

Saturday, March 30, 2013

I figured if you lovely people are going to read my blog I may as well do a bit about me..

1) I'm currently training to be a children's/paediatric nurse at uni and I love it. I graduate in March next year and my goal is to be able to wear a super nice dress after losing weight. My friends haven't ever really seen me in a dress so it would be nice to break the trend a bit!

2) I'm a halloween baby and love all things to do with halloween. Scary movies, cobwebs, ghosts and pumpkins are all a common feature in my room come Halloween time. I wish Britain did more things like they do in America - would love to see houses decorated like I do on the tv :)

3) I'm the oldest of 3, I have a brother and sister who I love to pieces and wouldn't change them for the world. We might drive eachother round the bend once in a while but we wouldn't have it any other way.

4) I'm currently suffering from depression. My dad took his own life at Christmas just gone and he was the most amazing man in my world. Living without him is hard and I have good days and bad but I won't let it beat me nor will I let myself eat my way into oblivion like I have been known to in the past. I will beat it and when I do, I know I will be on the way to a truly happy and healthy me.

5) I keep snakes and absolutely love them. I used to have corn snakes but now I keep Royal/Ball Pythons and a Mountain King Snake. I do like all other animals but snakes are just so fascinating and fairly easy to keep and best of all they don't need contant attention. One day I'd like a dog again and maybe a boa of some sorts.

6) I love hot chocolate. I don't really like proper chocolate much but a nice mug of steaming hot hot chocolate is fabulous just before bed. It makes me nice and sleepy so I can drift off to sleep with no problems.

7) I moved down to London 3 years ago with an ex. I gave everything I had in Nottingham up to follow another persons dreams and whilst I have definitely benefited more from it in the long run I will not do it again so quickly. I know sacrifices have to be made sometimes but giving up my job, my friends and everything I had for a man who then dumped me for my best friend is not something I want to repeat again!

8) I went to an all girls school for 16years. Some of my best friends are friends I met there and to this day we are as close as we were then. I then went to mixed college and equally had a good time but I don't feel deprived of anything by my first school experience.

9) I love to paint my nails. I have around 200 bottles of varnish and I am just starting to paint designs on them. I have done mutant ninja turtles, sugar skulls and roses so far. I am also starting to practice on my friends and earning a few pennies. I will do a blog post with some of my nails on but this is my valentines day nails..

10) I have a small addiction to tattoos and piercings. I have 7 tattoos so far and 11 piercings. I ahve birds on my chest and a backpiece (pictured) and then lots of ear piercings, my tongue and belly. I think self expression is a great tool and all my ink is linked to experiences I wish to remember, my family are represented several times along with my friends and dreams.

11) I could drink tea as if its going out of fashion. Green tea with lemon is my favourite but I also like normal tea and strawberry/raspberry tea. I think with green tea in particular it is so easy for me to make as its just water in a mug with a tea bag and when doing uni work it is the perfect quick drink!

12) One day I want to travel the world. In particular I would like to go back to America and also round to Australia and New Zealand. I just have to save up first :)

13) I want to get married and have a family one day. I don't mind how many children I have as long as they are as happy and healthy as they can be and as a family we are happy. I don't like the idea of a big wedding. Just a small family thing but with a big party after will do!

14) I love to cook. I'm not very good at it but I do enjoy trying to make cakes and pies. Personal favourite that I have made so far was cottage pie, eventually I will make more things but living in shared accommodation makes it a bit hard at times.

15) Cheesy pop music is a guilty pleasure. Can't think of anything more fun than dancing around to silly music and not caring about anything. Britney is a top choice or Steps if I'm going back to the 90's!!

16) I am a massive James Bond fan. Pierce Brosnan is one of the sexiest men on the screen ever but Daniel Craig is slowly catching him up. Diamonds are Forever and Casino Royale are my favourites along with Die Another Day.

17) I used to sing as a kid but stopped so my voice is no longer as good as it used to be but I'm hoping to get back into singing soon. I think it will be good to hahve a nice voice again as at the moment its a bit scaggly and strangling-a-cat-esque which is not good!

18) I love to colour my hair. Its been every colour under the sun and currently I'm back to blonde although I would love to put coloured tips in it I don't think uni will let me :( I've had it brown, black, ginger, red, green, purple, yellow, blue and blonde. I couldn't tell you what shade it naturally is!

19) I absolutely love the snow. It reminds me of my dad and whenever it snows its like getting a virtual hug from him, it sounds silly but it makes me feel better :)

20) And finally I want to do a bungee jump. Over water or land I don't mind but I love anything like that - rollercoasters are great and you can guarantee I'll be sat at the front!! I just find it thrilling and such a rush to have the wind go through your hair at super fast speeds.. Can't beat it!

well thats a bit about me :)
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  • BLUE_48
    You have much going on! I love chocolate, too! My mom was an avid tea drinker. She always felt that tea could cure what ails the world. I am so sorry about your dad. I hope that your days are getting better.. You seem to be a go getter! Good for you!
    1908 days ago
  • MARIANNE9855
    Wow! You are an interesting young woman. We share an obsession with nails but I have a good friend who has done mine for years. Also love Halloween too. So sorry about your Dad but I admire the positive strengths you get from him and I am so happy that you are determined to become healthy. emoticon
    1910 days ago
  • MARIANNE9855
    Wow! You are an interesting young woman. We share an obsession with nails but I have a good friend who has done mine for years. Also love Halloween too. So sorry about your Dad but I admire the positive strengths you get from him and I am so happy that you are determined to become healthy. emoticon
    1910 days ago
    Thanks so much for sharing! One of the things I love about this site are the folks I bump across. For the most part they're interesting people who are actively working on their dreams. Whether it's weight loss or world travel, these are people out to DO things - and you're no exception!!
    1910 days ago
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