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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Spark Coach (which I'm loving more each day) suggests I spend a few minutes writing about the reasons behind my fitness and weight-loss goals. (little does he realize what he's asked of me, a writer at heart, one who's contemplated this very thing many times...) ;-)

"What is your true motivation?" he asked.

"What do you hope to achieve or experience after reaching your goal?" he added to prompt a little deeper digging, no doubt. LOL

As March comes to a close Coach's suggestion is rather timely for me. I'm nearing the end of my Personal 100-Day Self-Improvement Plan. Today is Day 94! I'm happy with the results overall!

With Spark Coach's help I've been able to zero in on some specific areas I need to work a little harder on in the future. I've also seen how much consistency can really pay off in the end of a matter. Consistency has been a huge challenge for me for as long as I can remember! emoticon SOMETHING ***ALWAYS*** comes up that distracts me, puts me on a different track, or completely takes me away from whatever it was I thought I was going to do!

So (getting back on task here), What are my reasons behind my fitness & weight-loss goals?
1. Getting healthier (long term, vague, and constantly in motion).
2. Dancing without pain (can't even last 1 song today).
3. Smaller clothing size (too big today for anybody's hand-me-downs, thrift store or yard sale finds, or even most discount stores - so any new clothes for me are costly).
4. Reducing present & potential healthcare needs (continue improving but also have prevention in mind).
5. Energy to help others (able to be out in the community more to provide others with the knowledge and the means to do better in their lives, perhaps sparing them from some of what I've endured and survived thus far).

What is my motivation?
1. My kids! They've inherited a lot of challenges. Seeing me not giving up, pressing forward, seeking to do the things I love doing, and keeping up with the knowledge necessary to make the best choices as time marches on I would hope could help them to do the same, or even better.
2. Honoring life & my Creator! Daily, I remind myself that life has a higher purpose than just surviving & enduring. Some day everyone will have perfect health and all the time they want to do what they choose. Then what? (well, that's another blog post) But with that in mind, am I living my life in what I believe my Creator is wanting for me? I strive daily to do this. It's very hard to do all that I want to do in this regard BECAUSE of my health. Now, maybe losing weight won't change all my negative health issues ~ some will be there to deal with whether I'm overweight, underweight, or "normal" weight (whatever that is); but losing weight WILL improve some health issues. It's very possible it will reduce some pain. It will help to keep various things like cholesterol, triglycerides, blood pressure, blood sugar, kidney function, and probably some others that I'm just not thinking of right now to stay in normal ranges and not cause problems for me later. By taking better care of my health I believe I am honoring my Creator & thus my life.

What do I hope to achieve or experience after reaching my goal?
Ahhh, rewards! Something that satisfies us, telling us all our hard work was worth it! :)
Imagining that I've succeeded in getting to my goal weight, and I've succeeded in improving my health enough that I am now able to REALLY HELP OTHERS! No greater joy can I imagine than everyone I know is also on that same road as I've been and they are pressing onward whatever their own challenges because they know someone else has achieved success before them and is there to help them do the same!
I would travel the world; seeking those needing my help & giving them what they need!
I would continue gaining knowledge to keep on doing better!
I would find joy in every aspect of my life and help others to find their joy too!

(so much for a "few minutes" Spark Coach - lol - but it is good that I've put this down in writing and out there for all to know.......somewhere down this road THIS will help me!)
"Spark Cheers!" emoticon
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