Saturday..Begin week phase for me..SNACKING?? !! ??

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Well we begin week six...flying off to another destination ...air miles made by the community effort of exercise minutes...learning, working, getting healthier, ups and downs of air turbulence match our ups and downs of success or even efforts... How are others doing? some share and some do not but this is journey in a large team divided into smaller teams and even smaller sets inside them...I am a polar bear, inside the teddy bears inside the CHALLENGE TEAM of 5% OFF THIS 8 WEEKS OF WINTER....

my thoughts may seem to ramble but that is part of processing ...
OK I was scared when I joined, worked hard and feel so blessed with the encouragement of others and that yes I can learn and do well within my abilities and even stretched and new things learned.
I learned that my small offerings seem to help others and now for the final three weeks...
This week is about snacking HEALTHY...hmmm,
I have gone from "they don't really count" in denial stages,
to "yes, I have to have them like 5 small meals",
to "no, just stick to three meals"
and now I should learn HEALTHY ones???hmmm...
lots of things to figure out in this eating for health
and exercising for strong body and resting to loose weight head is tired...already looking forward to just maintaining at the end of the challenge.
So going to set my mascot in the kitchen this week...the elliptical is a regular part of every day...I think almost fits the category of "Habit!!"
So my bear will guard the snack area of the kitchen this week and see what we learn together...Dr orders to get cholesterol and blood pressure downs so maybe I will put the bear AND the blood pressure cuff where I will see them in a different setting and learn lots this week.
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