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It's been nearly a week...

Saturday, March 30, 2013

...since I came down with whatever that horrible illness was. OMG! Well, I have some residual scratchiness in throat, and nasty, gummy congestion, but that's it. Yesterday I debated the bike, and I knew I probably shouldn't do it. Today, I am debating the bike, and I know I probably should. It's a fine line! I keep reminding myself: "Why not today?"

I mean, really. Every small thing you can do right away instantly makes you more successful than if you waited to go at it hardcore on a Monday or whatever. You can still buckle down and go at it hardcore on Monday, and that's great! But what about today? Even swapping a few food items today gives you extra success.

You guys were totally right, though. Things are looking up now that I don't feel like I'm dying anymore :P I've never gone into a cold like that knowing I would be sick& knowing it would be bad, mostly because I've never preceeded a cold with a bunch of swollen lymph nodes& tonsils like that before. It was really weird. I ALMOST went to the Doc. after day 1 of swollen glands, just because it was so wacky. By day 3, though, I was back to coughing up festively colored globules, so I knew I was getting better and things were normal :P

Besides, it seems like the one or two times I've actually felt rotten enough to go to the doc, he always says, "welp, you're sick! Nothing you can do about it. Go home, get rest, and drink a lot of fluids." I mean really? Why go? :P I always hear stories about people who don't go and then fall over dead, because it turns out they had something more serious. It's kind of scary, because if it just feels like a regular cold, how would you even know?? So people think it's disgusting, but I can totally rate my severity of illness by the color and texture of the things I excrete :P

Enough about that, though. Let's talk fitness. There hasn't been any! Because I've been sick, I haven't been working out at all. It feels like a vacation, but a bad one since I'm sick :P I wish I could enjoy my workout vacay! But if I was feeling better, I wouldn't be taking a workout vacay... It's vicious.

Food has been.. food. There's been no candy, etc around since my brother left, which has made food choices soooo much easier. I still get the munchies, and really, I haven't been doing well at staying in my ranges at all. My food choices, however, have been innately better for my brother just not being here. Instead of grabbing a handful of sugar, I've been grabbing yogurt or a mini clif bar or a handful of FiberOne chocolate cereal.

Oh! And I found the most awesome thing at my grocery store. It took a LOT of searching, but I found these gigantic La Tortilla Factory wraps that are only 100 cal. each. They are HUGE! I picked up the sun dried tomato& basil flavor, filled it with some cold chopped rotisserie chicken and a huge pile of Caesar salad. It was an awesome meal, and under 400 cal! Sadly, there are a ton of tortillas in that bag, and while I like them, I am totally afraid I'm going to get tired of them by the time I finish the bag off. All my wrap ideas so far pretty much revolve around chicken or tuna and a heap of salad, but that's ok. If the wrap makes eating a salad a little more fun, or just different enough to make it novel, that's ok with me. I

I really have nothing against salads. I enjoy them from time to time. I'm a little picky, though, I suppose. They need to be balanced with enough protein that it doesn't make me sad later. I mean, I could sit down and eat an entire bag of bagged salad with a tbs or two of vinaigrette, but it does nothing for me if I don't have enough protein to make it a substantial meal. My beef with restaurant salads is that they usually bog them down with too much dressing and weird sugary items to make the "meal" salads a meal. The last one I got was at Red Lobster. I had the blueberry vinaigrette on the side. They brought two little dressing cups. I think I used half of one? But all the candied walnuts, dried cranberries, etc. It tasted more like dessert than dinner! (The grilled shrimp were really nice, though..)

Look at me.. the one with a sugar addiction criticizing the ammounts of sugar in salads :P

Anyway, without the brother around, the house has been really quiet. I sometimes forget that I don't need to try to make sure there are leftovers in the fridge for him so he has something to eat after his shift... or that I can freely wander the house nude now without worrying about traumatizing family! Sometimes I just make myself sad, though, because I think about how much emptier the house feels and remember that before he came, we still had Senpu. Awwww.

I'm having a little bit of a hard time remembering how I used to eat before he got here. There was so much cooking I used to do, and he seemed to hate all of it. I ended up mostly just grilling meats because that was all he wanted. I'm going to have to go back 6 months and look at my food logs and see what I was doing. Still, I get to give myself my -70 trophy today! My spark weight page finally says -70 lbs lost! And even though I totally ordered (and pigged out on) Pappa John's a few days ago when I was super sick and didn't want to cook, the fact that the candy bucket isn't here has got to be part of the reason I'm losing despite everything else.

And while it's probably due to the change in the scale, I'm having a change of mood, too. I still feel kinda gross and sick, but things don't seem quite as impossible anymore. I've wasted too much time to hit 170 by A-kon, but I can probably still swing 175, and that would be mighty fine. 174 would be better, since that would stick me in the "just overweight" category I've coveted for a good 10 years, but hey! It's been 10 years. A little longer won't kill me. I figure I've already reduced my chances of multiple health problems by quite a bit. I've bought myself the luxury of taking a little extra time where I need it.

So what have I been doing while sick?

Well, you have seen some pictures already! I am consistently working on Kefka. And you know, it's kind of like dieting too. I just need to work on it a little bit every day, and I should get it done by my deadline. The whole project is so huge, and I have costume ADD! I can't seem to finish one garment all at once. I am jumping around to different pieces all the time. It may seem kind of disorganized, but it'll get done.

Two days ago, I sewed the sleeves onto the blouse, finished the side seams, and the hem. I still need to finish gathering the sleeves, pop an armband on each, face the collar, and add the tassels to the right sleeve. Somehow, though, just adding the sleeves makes the costume seem much cooler to me.

Since I have costume ADD, I then decided to save the collar facing and armbands for later, and went to work on the left boot some more. Last time you saw the left boot, it looked like this:

I'd taken a pair of boots I don't wear as much anymore, added craft foam to change the shape of the top, and covered the whole shaft in black brocade. I didn't cover the ENTIRE shoe, because the bottom was going to be a contrasting color. In the source pic, it looks like it could be navy blue, but I decided to go with something brighter. SILVER! I found this awesome fabric at the store that looks really metallic without looking like a lame. ( I don't know how to make the little apostrophe over the e, so pronounce it Lah- meh instead of lame :P )

I then got bored with the shoe and worked on something else for a while because I was getting angry at the shoe pattern I came up with for the bottom. Well, I finally went back to it, and fixed the pattern. It now has the gloriously pointy toe I need that scoops upwards, as well as a bottom that looks like a separate shoe. I did it all with craft foam! I love craft foam so much.

Shoe is still not done, though. I finally finished the bottom, but the top needs more work. I am currently painting all the little red triangles around the top. After that, I can add the real trim beneath it, and some gold satin to border the top of the boot. I know none of this crap matches, but I'm (mostly) sticking to the original design, so it can't be helped! I do tend to go a little crazy when I make shoes, though. I can't just leave them boring, and they NEED trims and stuff to hide the imperfections of my seams. The things here that are not 100% accurate to source are little:

*lower shoe color should either be a dark navy or gunmetal grey/silver. Couldn't find a gunmetal, so went with a brighter silver for contrast. Will look better in photos than a navy, since the navy would blend into black

*Needed trim to hide some seams, so I went with a plain black upholstery cording around the bottom and across the top seam. Looks good& not too flashy!

*Decided I needed something flashy, so I grabbed some left over green crystal upholstery trim. :P This costume has a little bit of green up top, so a little bit at the bottom will balance it out. There's not a lot of green in the costume overall. It's mostly primary colors, but a few secondaries, so it needs a good balance of color overall. To keep the green cording (that holds the beads) from overpowering everything, I covered it in some gold wiry metallic trim that you can't really see from a distance, but makes me happy :P

The bottom isn't really finished either, though. I keep forgetting that I need to make a small triangular piece for the bottom of the toe to hide my craft foam work and stabilize the toe. Without it, the toe is a little woogly. You can't see it from up top or the sides, but you can definitely see it from below!

So, I have a ton of work to do on the LEFT shoe yet, but I have to wait for all the paint on the triangles to dry. Then, I can start working on the right shoe??? Probably not. I'll probably costume ADD some more and start on the collar or something. Not sure what I'll get done today, though. Gotta wait and see what happens after my morning routine
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    Congrats on the -70 pounds lost trophy! I'm glad to hear you are feeling better! I would also suggest freezing the tortillas so you don't get sick of them. I wind up using them with chicken or tuna and veggies, or I'll throw in some black beans, corn, and tomatoes with some salsa and a tiny bit of cheese. They are also good with scrambled egg whites, broccoli, and tomatoes. You can throw a lot of different combinations together to add some variety.

    1882 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon on 70 down! I feel the same way on the salad tip, it's not a meal unless there's sufficient protein, I need at least 4oz chicken to go with my salad. I also add dried cranberries and feta cheese (1/2 oz of each) and 2 tbsp dressing, usually a vinaigrette. Glad you're feel better, I found that working out during the time I was sick actually made me feel better.
    1882 days ago
  • BIZZ27
    As far as your wraps go, freeze them!!!! When you want to eat one, just take it out, they take like 2 minutes to thaw! I do it all the time, because it's very easy to get sick of them...

    Glad to see you're feeling well and will be getting back to fitness shortly!!

    Keep it up!!
    1883 days ago
    Glad you are feeling better and have taken time to take care of you.

    Congrats on -70#!!!!
    1884 days ago

    And the costume looks FANTASTIC!!!! I might need your opinion on the boots I'm working on for the ren faire. I'm making covers for my mid-calf winter boots so they are knee high, but I need to be able to remove the covers so I can wear the boots next winter, lol.


    Glad you're feeling better!
    1884 days ago
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