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Saturday, March 30, 2013

8:46 AM 3/30/2013
Well we are still here .. I am ready lord when you are :) We are all getting ready tomorrow to celebrate Easter . The day that a lot of people Celebrate
Jesus coming out of the grave and what he did for us .. Many only go to church a few times a year this may be one of them .. I feel impressed to
say don't miss a chance to tell of our lord and show them how much you love them.. Christ died for everyone not just me .. So I want them to know .. Tomorrow
may be to late .. or the next minute as we face some of the most trying times we have ever had in the USA .. I see daily how So many hate us .. What we used
to stand for .. Now I see things changing fast .. let me say God does not hate anyone .. he hates the sin . It can ruin a persons life .. Lets talk about
a few things .. If I do what God asks me not to,, it can lead to me dying fast .. he gave us Rules to protect us and our bodies .. he is not a dictator or
he could have just made us robots .. There in nobody in this world as smart as God .. come on if we can think it its like light years behind him .. So the
things we see are nothing compared to how smart or how awesome he is .. I look at Cell phones and think wow how can this work my brain just wont comprehend it
or Computers .. its like wow .. What God must be like .. He sent his son down here to die for us .. and I ask myself could I do that .. I want to believe I
could but I can not sit here and say I would ..I pray I would .. I watched the passion yesterday and cried and cried how can you be so gruel but then Jesus
said Father forgive them .. wow such love .. I pray for that love .. When someone hurts me now I just ask God help me God forgive them and please God
forgive them .. well the good news is .. we are born again .. we have a future with Jesus .. I look forward to that day .. but I am here for a purpose
and I pray God help me fulfill all I am here for so soon I can hear Him Say well done daughter . and I thank you for covering my sins Jesus .. Such love I leave
you with one of my Favorite songs and hope this works I tried yesterday but couldn't get it to work .. Have a awesome Easter .. God loves you and so do I ..

You are my King newsboys .. its on you tube .. I cant get it to work sorry
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