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Trying On Clothes at KMart

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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Today is day 39 of my current streak!

Last week I wrote a blog about going shopping for a cardigan sweater. You'd think that buying a simple sweater would be easy...but it wasn't! I got a little overwhelmed with the experience. So many different colors, sizes and styles! I had wanted to get a cardigan in a pretty Spring color, but I ended up going right to my old comfort zone and getting a black one! Oh well, black is basic, and will go with anything, so it was a good purchase.

Yesterday while out for a walk with my son, I bumped into a neighbor. She is an older woman, 85 years old. I've known her for almost 20 years now. Anyway, she mentioned that she was getting ready to go to Kmart, and asked if I'd like to go with her. So I went home to get my purse and to change my clothes, and then off we went. I didn't need to buy anything, so I just went along for the ride.

Once we got to Kmart, she headed off for the housewares department. I decided to look at the clothes. Even though I didn't have any money, I wanted to look at cardigan sweaters again. While I was looking at the sweaters, I also checked out some other clothes. I found a couple of really cute blouses and some pants, in both misses and plus. Since my friend is famous for being a super slow shopper, I knew I had plenty of time to kill...so I decided to try some clothes on!

I think the fact that I wasn't actually planning to purchase anything really took the pressure off, and made the experience kind of fun! I thought of Stacy and Clinton from my fave show, What Not To Wear, and started trying to put together some outfits.

Some of those outfits I put together were pretty awful, but some of them were actually nice! Some of the clothes were too big, and some were too small...but instead of thinking badly about myself for the clothes that didn't fit, I just brushed it off and tried a different size. I even found one shirt on the clearance rack for just 99 cents that was nice. It was sort of a wrap style shirt with a V neck (not too low) and a colorful print. It looked kind of small, though. It was in the Misses section and was a size XL. It was so unlike the kind of tops I normally buy. Usually I go for something loose and shapeless! This was definitely not loose and shapeless! In addition to the wrap styling of it, it also had a little peplum and a side zipper. I didn't think it would fit me, but I decided to try it on anyway...and it fit! A LITTLE snug, but nothing that losing 5 pounds or so wouldn't take care of. I tried on a little shrug style cardigan over it, and it looked good on me! So I decided to buy the shirt, since it was so cheap.

I tried on lots of clothes, including styles that I would never have tried on before, and I found out a little bit of what works for me and what doesn't. There were more "rejects" than successes, but you know what? I think even thin women go through that when they shop for clothes. Not everything is going to look or fit perfectly. You just have to keep trying things on.

Anyway, my friend finally finished her shopping, and we headed to the checkout lanes. I had to borrow from her in order to buy that 99 cent shirt, since I didn't have any money on me, lol.

She is planning to go to Good Will next week or the week after, and I'm going with her. I think that would be a good place for me to buy a few clothes for now, while I'm still working towards getting to my goal size.

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