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Caffeine Withdrawal

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Hello, my name is Mary, and I drink way too coffee. Sometimes as much as a pot a day.

I've known for awhile that this is a problem. For some reason I decided recently to do something about it. I was initially concerned about preventing the abominable withdrawal headache. That has not been a problem so far. But my anxiety has really ratcheted up.

I am down to about 4-5 cups, home brewed. If I have a double cup first thing in the morning, I noticed that I really get energetic and revved up. Later in the day I often have reduced energy. And in the evenings the anxiety hits.

I haven't found much in the way of resources with detailed info online - mostly I've checked Spark and Mayo. I am going to add in some alternate drinks like hot tea. I already drink water - I'm going to get some more flavor packets for some of that water.

My plan is not necessarily to consume no caffeine, but it definitely needs to be reduced alot. I'm hoping that limiting caffeine will eventually help in a number of areas - amount and quality of sleep, daytime energy, reduced irritability.

My life is not extremely stressful right now. Especially compared to the late winter when my daughter's mentor was murdered, my aunt (dad's side) died, my mother's husband died (we were with him and my mother), and my mother's multiple hospitalizations. Getting my 12YO son with ADD to do his homework is a challenge. My DD is graduating high school - financial aid and scholarships will enable her to go to her first choice school. Marriage could be better - it's good when we run together. :) Work is okay. And my favorite season is actually arriving in Wisconsin - Spring! I look forward to getting out in the sun and hiking for miles and miles.

I feel a little cheesy/needy/frivolous for taking up a blog entry and your time with this post, but I needed to put out there what's going on with me. The anxiety is frankly freaking me out.
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  • SAASHA17

    i drink way too much coffee too/...
    what I do sometimes is I mix half a cup with hot water and drink two cups but in reality its 1 cup..see if it works...
    1878 days ago
    Oh boy, this is a loaded blog! I drink way too much coffee too! But darn, I like it! emoticon
    1878 days ago
    I,too, drink WAY too much coffee. Thanks for sharing. It's good to see someone else shares in my struggle to cut down, It's the worst it's been since I joined SP in May 2012. Just 12 weeks ago, I was drinking 14-16 8 oz glasses of WATER per day. Today, I only got in 3 between the coffee. That' something I definitely need to change. I'm hoping Spring, Summer and Fall hot temperatures here in South Texas will naturally bring more water consumption. Good for you and good luck!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1878 days ago
  • BECCA315
    Don't apologize for 'taking up our time'. I think you're doing a great job, especially considering some of the issues you've been having. I sometimes think I drink too much coffee, too, but have had problems cutting back...

    1878 days ago
  • JESSIKA_56
    Hang in there! Cut back gradually, as cold turkey rarely works!
    1878 days ago
    If you cut back on the coffee, you will definitely go through (physical) withdrawal but it won't last forever. But during that withdrawal you will probably feel more anxious. Caffeine can certainly interfere with restful sleep and add to irritability.

    You have had a lot to cope with. Have you ever tried very simple meditation - just sitting quietly with eyes closed, focusing on the breathe for even just five minutes helps me relax and feel calmer.
    1878 days ago
    For me, I too have anxiety periodically throughout the day. Coffee is not my go to crutch though. I tend to go to refined carbs. What works for me - as your anxiety may or may not have to do with coffee, is sugar free lifesavers. Some days I'll go through a half of a package because my anxiety level is so high and I don't want to resort to.... carbs.

    Some people's crutch is smoking...

    I don't know... I may be way off base.

    Anyway... good blog!
    1878 days ago
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