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One (or rather, two) minor detail(s) about that major news from the other day...

Friday, March 29, 2013

You know how I'm (FINALLY) pregnant? After all that time and effort and mental drama and whatnot? After seeing endocrinologists and getting fertility shots and whatnot?

Well, fertility shots work pretty well, it turns out. As do my husband's gametes.



Before we found out (and even for a short time after we found out) I was thinking "Please God, no multiples - let's just do one at a time, please!" I know the fertility treatment came with a risk of multiples because it stimulates multiple egg follicles, and I grew two that were big enough to release mature eggs. But multiples are hard work. Multiples are expensive. I was really only hoping for the one baby.

But you I couldn't be more excited (or nervous) about my twins! Twins will be a huge pain and tons of work. Double the crying. Double the feeding. Double the changing. Double the juggling while out running errands or doing ANYTHING. Double the "football clutch" breastfeeding position, since you're supposed to try to get them on the same eating/sleeping/everything schedule. (Not to mention, I'll have to gain extra weight and be extra big, and of course for someone in our kind of position who is basically a recovering obese person...that idea is kind of scary.)

BUT twins will also be double the love, and double the cuteness, and precious matching outfits and, let's be honest, I'll kind of enjoy the attention from other people when they see my double miracles. Everybody loves seeing twins!

Um, but still, I could use all the positive parenting/energy/patience/sani
ty vibes you might have time to send my way, particularly come October of this year when I expect to meet them outside the womb for the first time. :)
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