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Survived my first Crossfit class.... Barely

Friday, March 29, 2013

I knew when I signed up for a crossfit class last night I had bitten off a a lot... I haven't full heartedly worked out in over three months. Multiple viral infections, kidney stones, and root canals have sadly left me sidelined for a while. Now that I'm back at it I wanted to push myself to be where I left off three months ago. But just how out of shap I had gotten in the last 3 months I wasn't sure. If you had asked me yesterday afternoon BEFORE my work out I would have said "Oh SURE I'm a fit person." 10 minutes into the workout it became painfully evident just how out of shape I really am! Boy its true, if you don't use it, you DO lose it! Fortunately though, I know it won't take long to rebuild that muscle memory. It's just getting over that initial hump.....

Last night this was pretty much me LOL.

So I went with a friend to Spartancrossfit:

The warm up was surprisingly difficult.. Crossfit has a tagline "Your workout is our warmup." and they AREN'T lying when they say that! The wamup pretty much put my other classes like TKB,Body Combat, Zumba to SHAME! It rivals Insanity....

It was after the warm up, and the 12 minutes of consecutive pull ups (unassisted from a bar) and medicine ball dead lifts when they said "now lets start the work out" I went "Ohhhhh shii.........." you get the drift.

Here is what the main work out (after the "wamup" and 12 mins ST):
To break it down.....
run 1/4 mile
Come back
21 kettle bell swings
12 release push ups (all the way down to the floor, let go and repeat!)
Repeat that circuit 3 times (for time)

I have always struggled with running. Give me any other type of aerobic activity and I will knock it out of the park, but for some reason running has always been my weakest area. That is something I'd love to change. In that respect, it would appear that crossfit may be both my worst enemy and best ally.... Food for thought.

The first class was free, and now I have to decide if I pay for classes or not.. I already have a gym membership, so part of me thinks it would be silly to pay for both...

The Pro's to crossfit:
It is much more personalized.
There were 14 people in last nights class and the whole time everyone was cheering eachother on.
It wasn't intimidating even though there were all levels of fitness, even the fittest people were there helping the people who were just starting out (like me).
The trainers were really nice too. Its BRUTALLY hard, which is intimidating, and most of what we did I could do at home on my own or at my gym.

So I guess its just a decision whether or not I find more motivation with crossfit than on my own. Now that I can put my health issues behind me (which is what left me sidelined for 3 months) I can really get back to focusing on nutrition AND fitness. I'm comfortable with my nutrition, it's the other piece that has been missing.

I have to be honest, I'd LOVE to have this girls abs... but really who wouldn't?
She's doing the same kettle bell swing we did last night.

I am doing a penguin walk today I am so unbelievably sore! The pull ups alone were enough to make me afraid to raise my arms all day. The warmup left my quads completely jello-like and once the run started it was like my legs had lost all ability move.... As difficult as it was it felt great afterwards.

and bonus....
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