Insanity all the wayyyyyy...

Friday, March 29, 2013

I finally completed four weeks of the Insanity workouts. Due to illness and my work schedule It's taking me longer to do the outline workout schedule. I am
determine not to give up and I will continue the program. I am going
to start the Recovery Week tomorrow and try to hang in for the next four to five weeks.
I have noticed that I lost inches and so far almost lost 10 lbs since starting the program.

Insanity is such a very intense program, but I am so glad that I started it now before I start
wearing less because now I am all covered up with sweatshirt and my jacket that hardly anyone can notice my weight loss. Today, I was walking to my car and a man that I know shouted from his car.." I can tell you are losing weight!" I had to make sure he was talking to me so I asked, 'Are you talking to me?' He made the statement again and I just thanked him for noticing. I'm just glad to hear someone is noticing, I've worked my butt off. emoticon
May 5th is just around the corner..... emoticon emoticon emoticon
(I'm almost down 30lbs total-hopefully I can lose another 10 by my goal date)

I will continue to change up my routine and will continue to push play.
My plan is working and I've been excited about it all day. emoticon emoticon
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