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My Nap Time Work Out Routine!

Friday, March 29, 2013

As a young, stay at home, mom with a toddler I wasn't sure what I could really do for exersize. But the last few weeks I've been able to be fairly consistent and I'm proud of myself! It's not an expansive routine, and I don't spend very long on it, but it IS a routine, and its SOMETHING! I can't go to a gym and drop my baby off at a daycare, and I don't have a nanny. Taking walks is good, but not always practical. So, I've found that the best routine I can commit to is 20 minutes a day, during Joanna's nap time! I can do 20 minutes generaly even on those days she doesn't sleep very long. It's a small goal, but it's an attainable goal. This week Joanna had a fever for half the week, and a more expansive program would have been completely blown, but as it is I only missed one day! So here it is, My Nap Time Work Out Routine! 20 minutes a day, 6 days a week!

Monday: Zumba Core for Wii 20 minutes Class.
Tuesday: Strength Training Workout Generated by SparkPeople: 2 Sets of 15 Squats, 2 Sets of 15 Modified Pushups, 2 Sets of 15 Back Extensions, and 2 Sets of 15 Crunches with Twist.
Wednesday: Zumba Core for Wii 20 minutes Class.
Thursday: Strength Training Workout Generated by SparkPeople: 2 Sets of 15 Squats, 2 Sets of 15 Modified Pushups, 2 Sets of 15 Back Extensions, and 2 Sets of 15 Crunches with Twist.
Friday: Zumba Core for Wii 20 minutes Class.
Saturday: 22 min. Yoga on Wii Fit Plus: My Routine: Deep Breathing, Sun Salutation, Half -Moon, Tree, Warrior, Palm Tree, Spine Extension, Gate, Cobra, Bridge, and Spinal Twist.

Realitivly a simple routine! But also challengeing!

The Zumba Game is new to me, and I've found works me a lot harder then I tend to push myself on a walk, dance cardio burns calories and with not a lot of time I need a high burn! But it's also really fun! Though I admit I'm in no way as good a dancer as the game thinks I am. Still, I see myself improveing as different songs turn up over again during the different classes (they have 15 seperate ones in just the 20 minutes level, and I haven't touched the 40 min and hour classes yet) So its fun, challengeing, and gives me something to work on improveing!

The Strength Training is admitedly not as fun, but it IS challengeing... Sure it's just four exercises, but at least one of those is one I've NEVER been able to do. (Modified Push Up) and with every day I do them, I'm getting better and better and closer to actually doing all of them PROPERLY.

The Yoga is a wonderful set to do on an off day, I chose things that wouldn't work me to hard, but give my muscles a chance to stretch and relax after a week of workouts... and I have to say, by the time I'm doing the spinal twist, I'm just about set to fall asleep on the floor.

The key that I'm hopeing to accomplish here is to keep this routine up, for a month, for two months for three, four, five.... and on and on and on... of course over time the Strength Training Workout will change, I might find a different option for cardio... I might fit in more walks.. add more time... depending on what I find I can do with a little one around. But here is the point, to start somewhere, and to start with something that is attainable for you.. not attainable for some person with a budget for the gym, or childcare, or the time for an hour workout every day... figure out what you can fit into your life right now, and then choose to do that! Over time you might find you can build on that... but for now, just do what you can do, find what works for you! My goal is to break my 90 minutes a week streak of 9 weeks that I set back before I got pregnant... since then I've basicly done nothing, because I could't do everything. Don't do that. 10 minutes a day is 10 more minutes then you were doing before! So start somewhere, and just begin!
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    1877 days ago
  • JEN-MN
    This is GREAT. A great attitude, great mind set, great determination, and great sense-making!
    I will go out for a run either early a.m. before h-band is off for work, or when he gets home. On Wednesdays, my dad picks up my oldest (of three) from first grade. If he shows up early that day, I will run then.

    I've set a new goal of 6 miles every five days, and I'm on my forth 5-day set and meeting the goal! Also, new -- I'm adding a minimum of 100 minutes per 5 days. I've learned to fit in fitness, and keep this as my mantra:

    "If a man really wants something, he will find a way; if he doesn't, he will find an excuse." Stephen Dolley, Jr.

    Very inspiring blog JOYTHEIA!

    1880 days ago
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