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Wiser or Wheezer

Friday, March 29, 2013

I feel like an ostrich who has finally pulled its head out of the sand and like what it sees.... I love getting older , things get easier every day." Jane Powell

As life gets moving along we get older ,wiser ,smarter we can do things faster with less effort. Okay most non physical things,that is , for some of us.

It doesn't have to be that way. For the most part we are in charge of our destiny. If we have a preexisting condition, like me, we learn to live with it. We learn to adapt then we learn how to make ourselves stronger.

I am lucky enough to have a heart condition that I was born with, a rythmn problem and acquired a pacemaker at 46 . Don't feel sorry for me I can do everything you can
do and some. How did I get such a positive outcome, luck, and I eat as clean and healthy as I can and I stay as active as I can . Try it and you may not get ill or get a disease.

That is the secret on how to be wiser as we get older and not be a wheezer. Eat as clean and healthy as you can. Grow a garden and make your own everything, okay most things. Stay away from boxes and prepackaged foods as much as you can.

Be as active as you can. Not everyone can go to the gym and run like the wind ,or lift ultra heavy weights. Most of us can go for a brisk walk and do some yoga. So don't sit there do it!!! Before you can't.
Keep your mind active, try crosswords, blogging , read the paper , play some games on yes facebook. Or check out the games on your team page here.Try something new every week or so. Challenge yourself.

Stay social. In this ever changing evolving busy crazy world it is ultra hard to find and keep friends. Enjoy the friendships we have here. Volunteer your time and you will make new friends that will help you get out of bed every morning. Pick a friend who is also as active as you and you can become more limber together.
Have a positive attitude in all things. Be happy with what you have . Learn to live a simple life. Learn to live with change and make the most of everything.

That my friends is my best advice on how to be wiser without being a wheezer or a geezer. I hope and pray and strive for being the 85 year old lady still working out at the gym, you know what with that attitude I just might make it. See you there.! HUGS

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