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Thursday, March 28, 2013

I started taking vitamins about a month ago. I don't like them and i'm gagging them down at every meal. My grandfather use to take handfuls of vitamins a day and with every meal. He swore by them. But really i'm starting to ask myself "Are they really needed?". I'm taking the basics like omega's, calcium, vitamin b's and so forth. I'm just not sure i can continue on. So i was wondering do you take vitamins or not?
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    Thanks for all the feed back. I also agree a lot with you Blue, i feel i eat enough healthy food that i'm probably getting what i need. Also i don't have any deficiencies really. But My Husband, MIL, and a lot of others are telling me that you should be taking vitamins especially if you are trying to lose weight. So My Hubby went and bought me a ton of vitamins and trying to be nice i have been gagging them down...lol Maybe i'll just stick to my multi-vitamin. I eat fish, and lots of avocados so maybe i really don'e need the omega.. which is HUGE!!
    1854 days ago
  • ARW715
    I struggle with vitamins. I don't do them. I also get bad acid reflux with fish oil so I don't do that either.
    1855 days ago
    The only things I take are a basic multivitamin and fish oil.

    I track my food and I've turned on most of the vitamins and minerals at one point or another to see what sort of average range I tend to be in. I get most of what I need from my food for the critical ones. Anything not on a nutrition label gets harder to track. I could be getting plenty of magnesium and zinc, but my tracker constantly shows me coming up short. (Good sources of those are peanuts, almonds, and dark chocolate -- but rarely is the quantity measured / included in the nutrition numbers.)

    My personal take is that we don't need to take lots of supplements unless there is a specific lack and a reason that can't be corrected easily. That's why I do fish oil. I do not like seafood at all, so "fatty fish" is just not going to show up on my plate. It's quite likely I wouldn't get enough otherwise, even if it's not something where a deficiency shows an obvious effect.

    If you do still want vitamin supplementation, look around for options. Calcium/Magnesium used to also be available in a liquid form. Fish oil I've seen come in smaller tablets where you take two but each is easier to swallow. Or move away from the vitamins to things like a sprinkle of wheat germ, flax seed, yeast, or other boosters into foods you're eating anyway. (I do use a protein powder to make sure I get enough lean protein in a day.)

    Good luck.
    1855 days ago
    I just started taking a Calcium/Vitamin D supplement because during my last checkup they found I have a deficiency. I agree with you though, they're hard to choke down. I'll have a follow up visit soon to see if they're working.
    1855 days ago
    Yes I do! I prefer food state vitamins, I have found that they eliminate some cravings. I am not very happy putting chemically produced vitamins into my body, but sometimes I just have to.
    Do you have any deficiencies? Cracked lips, rough upper arms, bleeding gums?
    Good luck with that
    1855 days ago
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